Unown Spotted In 'Pokémon GO' After Gen 2 Update: Is It Possible To Catch All 26?


The release of the much-awaited Gen 2 update has seemingly revived interest in mobile game Pokémon GO, with 80 new Pokémon added to the game for catching and training alongside many other changes and new features.

Apparently, one of the new Pokémon added with the update is the mysterious Unown, which are mysterious letter-shaped Pokémon that are hard to catch, providing a new challenge to hardcore game Pokémon GO players.

Unown Arrives To 'Pokémon GO'

In the main games of the Pokémon franchise, Unown are found in ancient ruins, bringing with them a sense of mystique. With the mysterious Pokémon added to Pokémon GO, interest in the Unown have been rekindled. Will the letter-shaped Pokémon only be found in real-world ancient structures? And is it possible to capture all 26 kinds of the Unown, one for each letter of the alphabet?

There have been a few sightings of Unown already, with a pair of thread started on the official Pokémon GO sub-Reddit offering proof of the mysterious Pokémon being caught. No, the players did not have to travel to exotic locations to catch the Unown, as the Pokémon were caught in Milwaukee and in Singapore.

The Unown that was caught in Milwaukee bore the "O" shape, though in the Pokédex, the "F" shape Unown is the one that is shown. In Singapore, two variants of the Unown have been spotted, specifically the "L" shape and the "P" shape.

According to Redditor delcanine, Unown has been spotted in many countries and is definitely not exclusive to certain regions. However, the letter-shaped Pokémon are extremely rare, which should make it highly difficult for players to collect all 26 letters for Unown.

Is Collecting All 26 Variants Of Unown Even Possible?

With the Unown being extremely rare, and the likelihood that all 26 letters of the mysterious Pokémon are spread out across wide areas, it might seem like an impossible feat to catch all variants of the Unown.

Howevever, it should be noted that when players catch their first Unown, a medal unlocks related to catching the mysterious Pokémon, including one for catching all 26 letters. Developer Niantic Labs will not be adding the achievement to the game if it was impossible to claim it, so hardcore players should get going in hunting for the Unown.

How long do you think would it take for someone to collect all 26 kinds of the Unown?

Other New Things In 'Pokémon GO'

The Gen 2 update brought with it a lot of new Pokémon from Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, including Espeon and Umbreon, which are two more forms of Eevee's evolutions. To obtain the two new Eeveelutions, players can use the same trick that was previously discovered for the first three, namely Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon.

According to Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke, Pokémon trading and player vs. player battles will also be coming soon to Pokémon GO. While the hype for the game has considerably decreased since it was launched, the updates being released and planned by Niantic Labs will likely keep the game going for years to come.

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