Bethesda: 3 New Projects In The Works


Hold your collective gaming, Bethesda fans - the studio is hard at work developing three new titles.

At least, that's what Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard hinted at when asked about what's in store for the studio in the future. Bethesda Softworks is a video game publisher with its own in-house studio, Bethesda Game Studios. It has two long-running game franchises, the Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout series, both of which are critically and commercially successful.

Bethesda is also a publisher for several developer studios such as ZeniMax Online Studios, id Software, Arkane Studios, and Tango Gameworks.

2 'Classically' Bethesda Games

It has been a long time since Bethesda released an entirely new title. Fallout 4 was released in 2015 to massive hit status. A series of DLCs and a mobile game spinoff, Fallout Shelter, followed after.

When asked if Bethesda was working on anything for the future, Howard said they have "a good number of projects" on their plate. As a company that has grown bigger through the years, Bethesda wants to "be putting out more stuff," Howard added.

Howard confirmed that they have two big projects currently underway that are more classically the scale of what they do in the studio, "but even bigger." The projects overlap so they work on it simultaneously although in a staggered schedule.

Can these two "classically" Bethesda games be new franchises outside Elder Scrolls and Fallout? Unfortunately, Howard kept the lid on the secret very tight.

"I can't talk a lot about them, but I can say that they're bigger than anything we've ever done," he said.

He added that the projects are "a bit different, but definitely in the wheelhouse" kind of games that fans have come to love.

1 New Mobile Game

Fallout 4's success prompted Bethesda to create a mobile spinoff, Fallout Shelter, which became a runaway hit. Just two weeks after its release on June 14, 2015, the game has already earned $5.1 million in microtransactions. That the game is free to play makes the feat remarkable.

Does Bethesda want to replicate the success of Fallout Shelter? Again, Howard kept his cards to his chest, choosing not to reveal any specific details. However, he delved on the success of Shelter, touching on how big it has become.

"We've got - what - 75 million players now?" he asks. He described that the game is "somewhat unique," a trait Bethesda wants to carry over to the next mobile game.

"The game we're doing is a very different style game, unique in the space. There isn't something else we're looking at for style," he said.

In other news, Bethesda recently announced that it is heading to PAX East 2017 conference. For more details, click the link.

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