It is just a matter of days before the LG G6 is launched on Feb. 26 at the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but it is not the LG phone that is making headlines these days. The LG V30 will launch later this year, and unlike the LG G6, it will be powered by the premium Snapdragon 835 processor.

The LG V30: Is It Worth The Wait?

If reports are to be believed, the LG G6 won't be the company's best phone this year. While LG has been going on full-blast marketing mode with the G6, it now appears that the company has also been quietly working on another phone without the hype.

The LG V30 will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 SoC, which is definitely a lot better than the Snapdragon 821 processor that will be used on the LG G6. Aside from the premium chipset, the LG V30 will also have other commanding features such as 6 GB of RAM, a DAC audio, and dual camera systems on the front and back of the unit, making it a great smartphone for those who want to take their mobile photography to another level.

What made the LG V20 — the V30's predecessor — unique is that it had a secondary IPS Quantum screen display above the main screen. Early leaks say that this feature might appear differently on the V30.

Why Is LG Releasing Another Flagship?

Releasing another flagship phone at the latter part of the year is not something new for LG. Two other phones from its V series — the V10 and V20 — made their debut on the latter part of the year in which they were released.

The phones that made up LG's V series have been viewed as the company's stronger flagships because of their interesting features and stronger processors. Just take a look at how LG performed last year. While both its flagship phones carried top-of-the-line features, many people were more impressed by the LG V20 than the LG G5.

Also, coming up with another flagship handset at the tail end of the year would be a great marketing strategy for the company. By that time, LG should be able to use Snapdragon's premium chipset, which is currently being hogged by Samsung. It will also be able to capitalize on pre-holiday spending.

The LG V30 is expected to launch at the second half of the year, and will be competing directly with the iPhone 8, which is expected to launch at the same time.

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