What Can Nokia Achieve Through The Reboot Of Nokia 3310?


When a possible revival of a classic feature phone was announced, the news spread like wildfire on the internet.

At last, the new Nokia 3310 is here after its unveiling at the Mobile World Congress 2017. But the question lies in what exactly Nokia plans to achieve by bringing the iconic phone back from the grave. We take a closer look at why the Finnish company has offered a reboot of this classic.

1. Win Back Feature Phone Lovers

There is a significant portion of smartphone users who were forced to adopt the smartphone technology since they were unable to get a great feature phone in today's market. The current breeds of feature phones lack durability, simplicity, and reliability.

There are still users, even if in dwindling numbers, who prefer to have a feature phone. These include senior citizens, small-time entrepreneurs, and travelers.

With the brand name and history of durability, Nokia could win over these users and more, in big numbers.

2. Become The Leader In The Affordable Mobile Segment

While we have established players in the luxury segment of the mobile market, it is an altogether different story when it comes to the affordable segment. There is competition among all major brands and local players to impress budget-conscious customers.

With the largest consumers locked in this segment, all mobile manufacturers would love to attract consumers with their latest handsets. But most smartphones in the affordable segment are not known to be durable and reliable — a big minus in the eyes of budget-savvy consumers.

Nokia could easily re-establish itself as a key player in the affordable mobile segment by tweaking the feature phone to suit some of the needs of the current world.

3. Capitalize On Nostalgia

We all love our retro game consoles, vinyl, and video recorders. In fact, there are many who love to pay a price just to relive those moments of nostalgia. Similar sentiments are still attached to the iconic Nokia 3310. Even with its new avatar, it is still a prize catch for most.

4. Build A Phone With Better Battery Life

One of the biggest drawbacks associated with smartphones is battery life. The Nokia 3310 won over customers because of its healthy battery. With a great life compared to most modern smartphone batteries, it still could serve as a handy phone even with today's battery-hungry tasks.

5. Test Whether The Market Will Embrace Feature Phones Widely Once More

Mobile manufacturers would hesitate to launch a feature phone in today's "smart" environment. In fact, such a move could be detrimental to their very existence. In that respect, Nokia/HMD differs.

Nokia could actually test the waters and see if a feature phone could still be accepted by consumers. With its vast network of service centers and its affordable prices, Nokia could captivate new fans of the classic.

No other brand can afford taking such a big risk. Perhaps the new 3310 could help Nokia reclaim its past glory, something it did achieve with the original 3310 two decades ago.

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