Halo Wars 2 Announces Future Updates, Teases DLC


The ruins of the Banished forces are still smoldering, but Halo Wars 2 is already preparing another barrage of explosive updates.

Developers 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have announced that updates are already in the works for RTS game Halo Wars 2. This announcement came barely a week after the game's release on Feb. 21 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One systems.

Halo Wars 2 is the sequel to 2009 Halo Wars, which was a spin-off of the successful long-running action FPS Halo, an Xbox-exclusive game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Studios.

'Halo Wars 2': Steps Moving Forward

"Just because the game has launched doesn't mean the work is done."

That's according to community manager SKE7CH in a recent blog post. The entry revealed that "upcoming patches as well as future downloadable content" are set for development.

The main focus in the coming days will be game fixes, tweaks, balances, and other issues. According to the post, the development team has been carefully following online data and feedback, monitoring server configuration changes, and investigating issues raised by players. These include online connectivity as well as performance and latency issues.

A sizable patch for Windows 10 and Xbox One systems is being prepared, which will come with a significant number of improvements and fixes for all pressing issues that players have reported. The patch is targeted for release next week.

The developers also addressed the XP exploit that popped up online, in which players could gain instant 600 XP by destroying their own base in a 1v1 match. This glitch has been fixed.

Season Pass Bonus, API, Action Figures, And More

Beginning this March, players will be able to get new content every third Wednesday. The first bonus feature will be Kinsano, a brand new leader in-game. In the coming months, new leaders, units, and campaign missions will come. One of these missions is called "Operation: Spearbreaker."

Fan site makers, stats tinkers, and data miners are invited by the developers to "do all sorts of interesting things" by playing with the game's APIs. These APIs have been ported online by the 343 team and the community is invited to make use of these.

The post also announced new action figures from the Halo Universe Series Collector Figures by Mattel. Called "Wave 2," this set includes Arbiter Thel'Vadam, Master Chief, Buck and Vale, Imperial Grunt, Banished chief Atriox, and UNSC Jerome-092.

Lastly, the post revealed a "super awesome Halo Legendary Crate" by 343's merchandise partner Loot Crate, which will soon come out with a Halo Wars 2 edition.

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