Xbox One To Get Keyboard And Mouse Support?


Players have demanded support for keyboard and mouse in both current generation consoles, Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, but both companies were reluctant to introduce these controls.

However, recently a fan asked the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, whether the upcoming game Halo Wars 2 will feature keyboard and mouse control support in the Xbox One console.

Spencer's response has started speculations among fans and gamers whether Microsoft is really working to bring keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One. It may not start with Halo Wars 2 but later games may get the update. 

What Will Keyboard And Mouse Support Mean?

If the Xbox One console does get this support in the future then it would mean that PS4 players will be at a disadvantage when compared to both Xbox One and PC gamers.

Why? PS4 supports the TAC Pro which is essentially a mouse and keyboard. It is an accessory that retails at around $150 which may be too steep a price for most PS4 console users to shell out.

A recent report stated that video game creator Blizzard studios had complained to both console developers that many players were using converters to use keyboard and mouse for playing its game Overwatch.

It is a well-known fact that performing certain actions like aiming in a game is easier via a mouse than through the use of controllers. Blizzard claimed that this had led to undue advantage to the users who were able to use mouse and keyboard while it had seriously undermined gameplay for players who used controllers only.

Blizzard recommended both Microsoft and Sony either severely restrict the use of mouse and keyboard or else update their consoles to support these control options for all.

It seems Microsoft has taken this advice seriously while Sony has not. Xbox One users may soon receive the update which would officially allow them the ability to use a keyboard and a mouse just like PC gamers.

When To Expect Keyboard And Mouse Support

Spencer did not state when this support would be rolled out for the Xbox One. However, he did reveal that Halo Wars 2 would not include it at launch. This suggests that the game would receive support some time later or it may also indicate that later titles may receive the mouse and keyboard capabilities.

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