Help the friendly clown Ayo find his beloved four-legged best friend Bo!

Indie game developer Cloud M1 is sending a fun, exciting, and colorful adventure with its latest game Ayo the Clown. Featuring the friendly titular character Ayo, this game is a side-scrolling, puzzle platformer set in an eye candy, colorful 2.5D world. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is currently underway.

The game is set for release on Windows and Mac via Steam store with a target date of late 2017 to early 2018.

A Clown And His Dog Best Friend

As written on its official website, Ayo the Clown is a side-scrolling game reminiscent of classics like Mario and Donkey Kong. What sets Ayo the Clown apart from other platformers, according to the developers, is the "sense of adventure, light puzzle facets, and RPG elements." Drawing comparisons from The Legend of Zelda series, Ayo will need to level up and in doing so, he can unlock skill upgrades and "extra hearts" to help him in his quest. A real 90s classics treat!

Ayo will make his way across 30 colorful and carefully designed levels. Each stage is filled with nasties such as shark-infested waters and vine-swinging crocs. But worry not, as Ayo can double-jump, slide, run, and fly (using his balloon) to solve puzzles and cross obstacles. He can even ride a tank and fly a chopper! Along the way, Ayo can acquire collectibles such as comic book pages, which will provide clues to his dog's disappearance.

However, more than the fun gameplay and colorful world, the main draw of the game is the "lighthearted but emotional storyline." Ayo will embark on an epic adventure that will test his courage, love, friendship, and determination. Here's the heartwarming synopsis of the game:

"Ayo awakens one night to a deafening crash, but not from the storm that roars outside his bedroom window. No, it seems it came from within the room. He stumbles in a stupor to his dog Bo's bed and finds a mess. The flower pot has been knocked over and the wall is decorated in muddy paw-prints.

But Bo is nowhere to be found. Devastated and confused, Ayo charges into the storm to find his favorite canine juggling partner."

Cloud M1 And Its Indie Cred

Cloud M1 is an independent 3D animation and game development studio that worked on TV, advertising, and web projects. Its games include Knight Blitz OMG, Talking Halloween Pumpkin Billy, and Talking Christmas Santa Kid.

Ayo the Clown is the studio's latest game. People can help with the crowdfunding efforts through its Kickstarter page. They can get updates via its official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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