The hints on who the new Overwatch hero continue, with Blizzard releasing an image that further teases players looking forward to meet the next character.

The uploaded image is the third significant hint that Blizzard has given related to the new hero, and it is likely that there will be more coming very soon.

Hints For The Next 'Overwatch' Hero

On the official Overwatch Twitter account, Blizzard uploaded an image that is said to have come from Efi Oladele.

"Genius grant recipient and Numbani local Efi Oladele posts curious image on her holovid channel, declaring: 'Time to get to work!'," the Twitter post read.

Oladele is the featured character in an interview by Atlas News, the game's in-universe news outlet that Blizzard uploaded last week. In the interview, the 11-year-old Oladele was described as a robotics and artificial intelligence genius, which led to speculation that she will be building the next Overwatch hero.

Another teaser released by Blizzard afterward showed a destroyed Numbani Airport, with the image used by Atlas News taken by Oladele. The scene was then added to the Numbani map in the Overwatch PTR.

In the latest hint by Blizzard, Oladele has seemingly written up a list of materials that she will be using to build presumably the next Overwatch hero.

Oladele's Construction Materials

The materials that Oladele listed are OR-15 chassis, a Branford arm, a fusion driver, a miniature Tolbelstein reactor, paint in four colors, an Axiom vocal processor, and Lucio-Oh's. What are these materials?

The OR-15 chassis refers to the bodies of the robots that Oladele mentioned during the first hint in her interview as something that can keep people safe. Apparently though, OR-15 robots were not enough to stop whatever caused the destruction in the Numbani Airport, as smashed units were shown in the picture that Oladele took for the second hint.

As for the Tolbelstein reactor, it might be a typo as Zarya has a spray named Tobelstein that looks to be what powers up her Particle Cannon. The cannon was originally used on a tank, but Zarya took it from the tank and started using it as her weapon.

The Axiom vocal processor, meanwhile, is related to the bipedal robots that can be seen in several posters in the Numbani map.

It is unclear what the branford arm and the fusion driver are for, as they could be weapons that the new hero would use or simply tools that Oladele needs. The Lucio-Oh's, meanwhile, are Lucio-branded cereals, and it seems to be Oladele's favorite snack as the image shows a box of it at the top.

New 'Overwatch' Hero Reveal Date

Zooming in on the red wrench shown in the picture, the numbers 5 and 19 can be seen, which many Redditors have suggested could be the reveal date for the next Overwatch hero. However, that is too far away, and Blizzard will likely have learned its lesson of delaying the announcement of a new hero for too long after the backlash it received from the complicated ARG that led to the announcement of Sombra.

Another Redditor, however, has proposed a theory that the announcement of the new hero could fall in line with the Paris Fashion Week, which runs from Feb. 28 to March 8, due to the several fashion week posters in Numbani.

What kind of hero will Oladele build? Or is this all a distraction that will set up the arrival of Doomfist as the next Overwatch character? We will all have to wait to find out.

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