Rocket man is how you can now officially describe French speedster François Gissy.

The cyclist broke the rocket bicycle speed record on Nov. 7 when he reached 207 mph, leaving behind a group of spectators and crew in a cloud of smoke.

If you can't visualize how fast that is, it's way faster than the Ferrari featured in the video. While Gissy's rocket-bike will eventually fizzle out, he zooms past the Ferrari. In his record-breaking ride, he reaches the top speed of 207 mph after around 250 meters, traveling a quarter of a mile in under seven seconds.

He also straps a camera to the back of his bike to capture the blazing speed on film. You can watch Gissy boost off and hit speeds upwards of 200 mph in under five seconds and then proceed to coast for several minutes, eventually coming to a stop and claiming his new record.

It's hard to imagine sitting on that small, metal bike frame and traveling at speeds of hundreds of miles an hour, where one bump or mistake could mean becoming a stain on the pavement. But that's what daredevils are for, and it sure makes for one entertaining video. Gissy's record-breaking ride currently has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

Photo: rocketman340

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