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HEXAGON: Meet The All-In-One Gadget For Bicycle Enthusiasts

The HEXAGON is a multi-purpose gadget that will ensure the safety of cyclists and the people around them. The all-in-one gadget is expected to launch on Tuesday.

Gadgets March 11, 2017

Cycling May Help Lower Risk For Type 2 Diabetes: Study

Riding a bike to work or cycling for fun could help reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests. Researchers say it is not too late to pick up the habit.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 13, 2016

IKEA Unwraps An $800 Bike With Maintenance-Free Drive Belt For Non-Cyclists

IKEA unveiled its $800 maintenance-free bike. The Sladda is being marketed as the 'perfect bike for urban lifestyle.'

Movies/TV Shows April 16, 2016

Wash Your Clothes While Working Out With This Exercise Bike

Design students from China invented a stationary bike that will allow users to work out and wash their dirty clothes at the same time.

Gadgets March 1, 2016

Germany Hopes To Build A 100 KM Superhighway For Bikes

The German government has opened up a five km bike highway that is set to be the first part of a massive 100 km-long bike superhighway.

December 29, 2015

Revolights Eclipse Smart Lighting System Gives Your Bike Headlights And Turn Signals

Revolights smart lights provide a legal headlight and brake light for cyclists' bicycles, which increase visibility for night riding.

Gadgets October 26, 2015

Yerka Is The World's First 'Unstealable Bike': How It Works [Video]

The Yerka bike features a special kind of frame that will render the efforts of thieves useless. The first batch of 300 Yerka bikes have now been ordered.

Gadgets August 6, 2015

Bike Sonar C3FT Is Helping Cops Catch Rude Drivers That Ride Too Close To Cyclists

Police in Chattanooga,Tenn., are using a sonar system that mounts to a bicycle to help enforce safe-passing laws to prevent cars from riding too close to cyclists.

FUTURE TECH July 30, 2015

Meet The World's Smallest Electric Bike: The A-Bike Electric

Millions of people around the world use bikes everyday, but the electric versions aren't always travel-friendly. That's where the A-Bike Electric comes in: it's a regular electric bike, except it's half the size!

FUTURE TECH July 15, 2015

Smart Pedal, Bane Of Bike Thieves, Exceeds Crowdfunding Target On Indiegogo In 24 Hours

Connected Cycle is putting pedal to the metal in developing both an anti-theft system as well as bike trek monitoring system. In three days it has nearly raised double its needed initial funding and is now aiming for its stretch goal.

Gadgets April 30, 2015

Chilean Students Design Theft-Proof Bike Yerka

What if you could ride a bicycle through the city streets without having to worry about it being stolen ever again? Three students from Chile might have come up with the world’s first “unstealable bike.”

Gadgets November 18, 2014

This Stunning Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path was Inspired by van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

Designer Daan Roosegaarde and Dutch company Heijmans created a glow-in-the-dark bike path in the Netherlands. It kicks off a year celebrating the life and work of Vincent van Gogh.

Internet Culture November 16, 2014

Watch: This rocket-powered bike breaks speed records when racing a Ferrari

Watch French cyclist François Gissy zoom off at 207 mph on a rocket-powered bicycle.

Geek November 11, 2014

The world's first solar road will be a bike lane in the Netherlands

Where we're going, we don't need (regular) roads. What we need are solar roads, and the Netherlands has answered that call with the world's first solar-powered bike lane.

Internet Culture November 10, 2014

Designer behind Steve Jobs' mega-yacht has just designed a futuristic bike helmet

From lemon-squeezers to mega-yachts, French industrial designer Phillipe Starck has seen it all. His latest project is a sleek and futuristic motorcycle helmet-inspired bicycle helmet.

Geek August 31, 2014

Google Maps update includes voice command, features for cyclists

Google has rolled out a new update for its maps on Android devices. Some of the features are aimed at bike riders and include listing the elevation so riders can decide how hard they want to work.

Internet July 18, 2014

Velo Labs Skylock could become the biker's best friend...and the bike won't be jealous

An upcoming bike lock from Velo Labs will have various smart features, such as smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth support and anti-lock detection. It is called the Skylock and should ship early 2015.

Gadgets May 16, 2014

Uber goes on two wheels with UberRUSH courier service in Manhattan

Uber plans to speed deliveries by tapping foot and bike messengers through its UberRUSH courier service. But it faces tough competition in a saturated market, so will it stand out?

Business April 8, 2014

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