Free PlayStation Plus Games For March 2017 Include 'Disc Jam' Launch For PS4, 'Severed' For PS Vita


Last month, PlayStation Plus subscribers were treated to adorable platformer LittleBigPlanet 3 and brutal but hilarious shooter Not a Hero, among a few others, as the free games for February.

Sony has now announced the free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in March, with the lineup featuring a multiplayer title moving out of beta and a well-loved game for the company's portable gaming console.

Free PlayStation Plus Games For March 2017

The announcement on the free PlayStation Plus games for March was made through a post on the official PlayStation blog.

The games that will be part of the lineup are arcade sports game Disc Jam and papercraft adventure Tearaway Unfolded for the PlayStation 4; fighting game Under Night: In-Birth and alien shooter Earth Defense Force 2025 for the PlayStation 3; platform puzzler Lumo for the PlayStation Vita, which is a cross-buy for the PlayStation 4; and critically acclaimed first-person slasher Severed for the PlayStation Vita.

Is 'Disc Jam' The Next 'Rocket League'?

Disc Jam is described as "an insanely addicting cross between air hockey and tennis," wherein players choose from different characters with unique abilities and use them to retrieve and throw a glowing disc for points while defending against opponents who are looking to do the same.

The title was developed by High Horse Entertainment, which is made up of former Activision developers who worked on games in the Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and Tony Hawk franchises. Disc Jam offers one-on-one and two-on-two matches, with the beta version receiving a very positive response from players.

The inclusion of Disc Jam among the free PlayStation Plus games for March follows the same strategy that Psyonix used for the massively popular Rocket League, which was launched as a free PlayStation Plus game back in July 2015. By initially being offered for free, the developer is likely looking to get as many gamers as possible to try the game, and given the positive beta responses, Disc Jam could also find success just as Rocket League did.

PlayStation Vita Owners Need To Get 'Severed'

For PlayStation Plus subscribers who own the PlayStation Vita, Severed by DrinkBox Studios comes as a highly recommended game that should be downloaded this month.

The critically acclaimed title is a gem for the portable gaming console that not nearly enough gamers have played. In Severed, players take on the role of the one-armed warrior Sasha, who finds herself in a strange new world. After being given a living sword, Sasha goes on a journey to find her missing family and along the way encounters various opponents that require different strategies.

What About The Other Free Games For March?

Tearaway Unfolded, which used up 280,918 sheets of paper and required 647,708 folds during development, is a port of the beloved PlayStation Vita title into the PlayStation 4.

Under Night: In-Birth, meanwhile, is a must-try for fans of 2D fighting games, and Earth Defense Force 2025 is a great title for taking a breather from complex games to simply blow up buildings and aliens.

Lumo, lastly, will have players try to work their way through over 100 rooms that are filled with traps and surprises.

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