Have you ever thought your cat needs an on-call doctor? Enter Tailio, the first Wi-Fi enabled litter box that monitors your cat's health and sends that information to your mobile device.

It might seem like an odd idea, but most cat owners understand that determining when a cat is unwell is difficult. Cats are good at hiding any ailments, and it's hard to know if they're just curled up in the corner because they're sleepy or because they're sick. In fact, by the time many cat owners realize their cats are gravely ill, it's too late for treatment.

Tailio hopes that its product will help cat owners keep a better eye on their kitties' health. The device is actually a stand that sits under your cat's existing litter box. It uses sensors that link the device to a mobile app. It keeps tabs on when your cat goes to the toilet, but also keeps an eye on the kitty's weight and the weight of what they leave behind. It monitors when and how long they sit in the box, as well as the time between visits.

An algorithm determines when there's an anomaly in your cat's behavior, and Tailio sends you a notification via the mobile app. The app also allows you to share that information with your cat's veterinarian.

"From the beginning, we've worked with veterinarians and other feline experts for a deeper understanding of the nature of cats and the issues they face," says Tailio's creators. "We've designed Tailio based on this intelligence to better monitor the health and well-being of your cat, and provide vets with useful information for diagnosing and treating feline health issues."

Tailio is also smart enough that it works in multiple cat households. The algorithm takes three days to tell one cat apart from another, but after that, it can track all of your cats.

Tailio is currently in prototype phase, but its Kickstarter project should make its $30,000 goal soon. If you would like to donate, perks include your own Tailio box for just $149.

Like many inventions, Tailio's story begins with a loss.

"When my family suddenly lost our beloved Persik to cancer, I thought 'If we had only known, we would've done something more or sooner," says Alex Treiner, Tailo's founder. "That's why we created Tailio. Now it will be easier for pet families to give cats the care they need to be as healthy and happy as possible."

[Photo Credit: Tailio]

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