After the constant news and updates of the unlimited data plans announced by the top mobile carriers of late has simmered down, Verizon is now turning its attention on its services for the home to make sure it remains the top service provider in this space.

Verizon announced on Monday a new Fios plan that allows customers to pay-as-they-go without having to be locked in to a yearly contract.

Called Fios Prepaid, this is the first time Verizon has offered its TV, home and phone services without a contract. It allows customers to get access to Verizon's 100 percent Fiber Optic Network with the flexibility of choosing the right bundle of Internet, TV and phone that works for their needs.

Along with being able to pay-as-they-go and adjust their bill month-to-month, Fios Prepaid doesn't require a credit check, a deposit, an annual contract, or even a credit card to save on file. All the equipment necessary to bring Fios to their homes will also be included.

Instead, customers simply pay for their bill online with their debit card, or can even pay cash in any Verizon Wireless store.

By paying month-to-month, customers won't see unexpected charges and know exactly what they are paying for their home Internet, TV, or bundles each billing cycle.

Fios Prepaid comes with 25Mbps Internet with upload speeds as fast as download speeds for $60 per month. The Wi-Fi router is included.

Along with just Fios Internet, customers can add TV, Voice or a bundle.

For its Custom TV package, customers pay $40-$50 a month depending on their channels, with over 155 channels available. One set-top box is included with this offer. The Mundo package comes with over 200 channels, including more than 35 HD channels in Spanish.

To add a home phone with Fios Prepaid costs $10 per month.

Verizon is also offering bundles that include: Internet, TV and Voice for $110-$120; Internet and TV for $100-$110; or Internet and Voice for $70 per month.

Just keep in mind that there is a $90 installation fee unless the equipment is installed by the customer themselves.

"Fios Prepaid offers a new way to experience Fios for customers seeking payment flexibility," Susan Retta, VP of Consumer Marketing at Verizon said in a press release. "From students to snowbirds, consumers are looking for service and options on their terms. For those with little or no credit history, Fios Prepaid offers 100% fiber-optic quality Internet featuring upload speeds as fast as download speeds, and crystal-clear TV service with no annual contract, deposit or credit check required-it doesn't get any easier to join the Fios family."

Verizon Fios Prepaid is available where Fios services are available including areas of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Boston, Washing DC and Maryland.

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