Verizon Ranks Top In Latest RootMetrics Report: Most Reliable Network In US


RootMetrics published its latest report on the state of mobile performance in the United States and, according to its stats, Verizon is still the most reliable network.

The study is based on millions of wireless coverage and network reliability tests at the city, state and national levels, and Verizon ranked top in the United States in the second half of 2016.

Verizon, 'Undisputed Leader'

"Based on our testing, Verizon is the undisputed leader in terms of coverage and network reliability," says RootMetrics. "Indeed, Verizon's network reliability results were the strongest among all carriers at the metro, state, and national levels in the second half of 2016."

RootMetrics highlights that Verizon's LTE-Advanced service launched back in the summer of 2016 played a big role in its achievements, as it increased the network's download speeds and boosted the overall performance.

Verizon vs Rival Carriers

Verizon scored 93.9 out of 100 on RootMetrics' national ranking chart, trailed by AT&T with a 90.5 score. Sprint ranked third with a score of 84.7, followed by T-Mobile with an 81.2 score.

According to the report, Verizon rules in virtually every category, ranking top in terms of reliability, data, speed, call, and text. AT&T seized the second position in nearly most of these categories, albeit Sprint trumped AT&T in the call ranking.

T-Mobile Call Rating Ranks Low

Speaking of call ranking, T-Mobile ranked worst in this category. Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T scored 90.1, 86.4, and 84.6, respectively, while T-Mobile managed to score only 67.2 in the call ranking category.

Overall, RootMetrics' report reveals that Verizon is still the top carrier in the United States, followed by AT&T as a close second, then Sprint and T-Mobile in the third and fourth spots.

Nevertheless, the new report from RootMetrics brings some interesting stats compared to other recent reports. Just earlier this month, a Nielsen report revealed that T-Mobile was the most appreciated carrier, while AT&T and Verizon had more unhappy customers.

Even so, Verizon won for the second consecutive testing period in all six of RootMetrics' testing category nationally. RootMetrics conducted nearly 3.7 million tests, drove nearly 250,000 miles and tested U.S. networks in more than 4,000 indoor locations to obtain its results.

Verizon 5G

Separately, Verizon also announced on Wednesday, Feb. 22 that it plans to deliver 5G wireless service to select customers in 11 cities by mid-2017 as part of its 5G pilot program. Those cities include Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Washington, and Seattle.

Overall, it looks like the mobile performance in the United States is on the rise and increased competition between the top carriers should lead to further advancements, perks, and improvements at the network level, as well as the customer offerings.

RootMetrics' test results are organized by national standings, but also by state rankings and most populated metro areas. Verizon ranked top or tied for overall performance in 116 cities out of 125, while AT&T ranked top or tied in 55 cities. T-Mobile finished first in 25 cities, while Sprint ranked top only in 9.

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