Just like in most games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players need to get money to buy items, and in this case, they need rupees not only for gears and whatnot but also for registering horses and more.

Farming cold hard cash isn't that easy, especially in the early part of the game, and yet it makes a huge difference in users' adventures in Hyrule if they pull it off right.

The Basics

To start things off, let's cover the basics. First, here's a rundown of the types of rupees and their values for reference:

 Type  Value
 Green rupee  1
 Blue rupee  5
 Red rupee  20
 Purple rupee  50
 Gold rupee  300

Next, a few notes to keep in mind. In Breath of the Wild, you don't need to upgrade your wallet like in previous Zelda games, so that makes things a bit easier. More than that, there's no special vendor out there that'll give you more rupees for certain items, so go ahead and sell them anywhere.

Collect Monster Parts

Now the intuitive way to earn money in Breath of the Wild is to collect a ton of monster parts, but it's not exactly the most efficient route to go from rags to riches. Still, some spots and certain enemies are worth keeping an eye out for.

First, there are the camps. These areas are riddled with foes and yield plenty of rupees and monster parts that you can sell.

However, take note that the monster parts can be traded in for Mon, a special currency of the secret vendor Kilton, which can then be used to purchase the Dark Link armor set.

Second, there are the Guardians. They drop Ancient loot that fetches quite a high price when there's enough of them. Here's a table of their values:

 Ancient Loot  Value
 Ancient Screw  12 rupees
 Ancient Spring  15 rupees
 Ancient Gear  30 rupees
 Ancient Shaft  40 rupees
 Ancient Core  80 rupees

However, these Ancient items can be traded in for Ancient Armor pieces at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, and they can be used to take down Guardians more easily. In other words, it may be a good idea to not sell all of them willy-nilly.

Cook Food

Food items can be sold for quite a bit of rupees, but they'll become more valuable when they've been cooked. That said, be sure to check out our guide on how to be a master chef in Breath of the Wild.

Mine Ores

This goes without saying, but mining ores is a great way to always have a big budget on hand. Not much to hash out here. Just remember to have a heavy weapon ready to smash those shiny black rocks and that they are used to upgrade armor, so selling all of them probably isn't the way to go.

Also, for reference, here are the values of the ores:

 Ore  Value
 Flint  5 rupees
 Amber  30 rupees
 Opal  60 rupees
 Topaz  180 rupees
 Ruby  210 rupees
 Sapphire  260 rupees

Use Your Amiibo

Tapping amiibo summons treasure chests, various items, and even rupees into the game, where some can even let you get Epona, the Hylian Shield, and Wolf Link. Needless to say, you can just sell those items that you don't need.

However, you can only use an amiibo once a day, but if nothing else, this method provides a steady income for you.

Gamble Away

Gambling isn't for the faint of heart, but if there's technically no risk involved, then it's no longer gambling. It's just a surefire deal to get lots of rupees.

According to redditor Suchasuckr, the gambling den in Lurelin Village can be "abused" using a save exploit to take chances of losing out of the equation.

Basically, what you need to do here is save your progress; place your bet, which can be between 10 and 100 rupees; and pick one out of three chests. You'll triple your bet here if you choose the right chest, but if you select the wrong one, you can just load your save file until you get it right — rinse and repeat.

Interestingly enough, he says he earned a whopping 3,000 rupees in just five minutes with this method.

Go Bowling

The snow bowling minigame in the Hebra mountains can let you earn big bucks in a jiffy.

For starters, head northwest to Hebra Tower and look for Pondo's Lodge down the road. There you'll find well, Pondo, and you can pay him 20 rupees try and win 300 rupees if you get a strike or 100 rupees for a spare.

One thing to keep in mind here is to equip at least two gears with cold resistance, otherwise you'll be taking damage.

Now this method comes from Reddit user KumaKumaa, and here's his setup to make sure you get a strike:

"You see that rock? It's the one on the floor near you when you start the minigame. If you pan the camera, you'll see the rock is raised in the middle. Get only Link's right feet on the left edge middle of it (front of rock facing downhill). Holding target makes it easier to position Link. Now move your camera so your Sheikah Sensor targets the right moose statue's pupil. (LOL) Lightly tilt your analog stick upward just enough to change Link's direction and throw. Bam. Clean shot," he says (text slightly edited).

That's all there is to farming money or rupees in Breath of the Wild. Feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know if any of these are right up your alley.

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