If you want to upgrade your inventory in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you will need the help of Hestu. This Korok's help doesn't come for free and of course, it's not that easy to find him.

We've given you some tips and tricks on how to cook, and we've also covered an Amiibo guide. Now, here's a quick guide to finding Hestu:

Who Is Hestu

Hestu is a Korok who owns The Priceless Maracas. You will not miss him as he's one large tree-like creature who loves to say, "Shaaaaa-laaah-kaaaah!"

The musical Korok lost his maracas and you need to find so Hestu can expand the inventory slots for shield, bow, and weapon. You will need a Korok seed when you first encounter Hestu for the first expansion slot. Then, you'll need two for the second expansion, and so on.

Hestu is an adorable creature that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans have learned to love. He plays a very important role in the game but also adds a dose of cutenes with all those singing, shaking, and dancing.

The Priceless Maracas Quest

In order to expand your inventory, you need to complete The Priceless Maracas Quest just by Kakariko Village. During this quest, you will have your first encounter with Hestu.

You will learn that you need to find his lost maracas. In order to find the missing musical instrument, you need to go back to a spot just northeast of where Hestu is, to a place where you'll spot a henge-like stone formation. You just need to walk through the rocks and deal with Bokoblins, these are common infantry creatures that can be easily defeated with common weapons. There will be a treasure chest that will open and show the stolen maracas of Hestu.

You need to bring the maracas back to Hestu and you will need Korok seeds to please him. So, yes, you should be collecting those Korok seeds that are everywhere in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's really a no-brainer as you'll find these seeds just by paying attention to the environment around you. You'll find them by completing some puzzles, and you'll also find the seeds typically hidden under lone rocks and mountain peaks.

One you've accomplished the side quest, you'll be able to trade seeds for inventory slots with the Hestu. Once you've traded two seeds with him, Hestu will say that he will go to Korok Forest, but as everyone will tell you, he's not going to make it there.

Hestu's Second Location

Hestu will not make it to the Korok Village. Instead, you'll find him northeast of the Riverside Stable just near the Owlan Bridge. To find him, you just need to follow the Hylia River, taking the left bank and go past the Proxim Bridge. You'll find him waiting there.

During this encounter, you'll be able to pay him six times to upsize your inventory.

Third Location Of Hestu

In case Hestu is not at the Riverside Stable, your next best option is to go to the Woodlands Stable. This spot is just south of the forest.

You can do some more upgrades with your inventory by giving Hestu more seeds. Remember that the cost of seeds go up as you upgrade your inventory.

Once this deal is done, Hestu will go to the Korok Forest where he will stay most of the time.

In order to find Hestu in the forest, you need to go through the Lost Woods. Navigating through the Lost Woods can be tricky, with the thick fog and all. One mistake and you'll find yourself back at the last checkpoint. Here's a clue, take the path northeast of the Woodland Tower, follow the torches you'll see along the way. From the first torch go North-North-West-West-South then West to where you'll find two torches by an Ogre Tree. From there, use a flammable weapon and just follow the embers to find your goal.

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