Curt Schilling will always be known as one of the greatest pitchers in Red Sox history. Seriously, go up to any college kid in the Boston area and say the words "bloody sock." You'll either be greeted with a massive bro hug or a lengthy lecture on one of the "grittiest" pitchers to ever step on the mound. It's a scene, to say the least.

He always had an All-Star arm, but he has also been known to say some controversial things as well. Last night, the former MLB star returned to form by taking to Twitter to begin a crusade against the theory of evolution, and it went about as well as anyone would expect:

Going by the sheer volume of tweets about the subject, Schilling is looking to start his own library about evolution. There are pages upon pages of tweets denouncing the theory; while some of his posts are somewhat relevant, most simply ramble on (typically across several tweets) about how evolution couldn't have possibly happened because humans can't have all evolved from one cell.

It's actually pretty entertaining: a trip through Schilling's timeline will reveal some true comedy gems. There are so many gaps in both his logic and his argument that it's almost impossible to take it all seriously. It's like trying to read a book with half of the pages torn out.

In general, Schilling's twitter feed makes for great entertainment. There's plenty of stuff to find if you dig deep enough - it's definitely worth a laugh or two...and while it is extremely important to listen and respect other people's beliefs, it is a bit harder to when the opposing argument is like trying to put a puzzle together with only half the pieces.

Photo: Hunter Martin (Getty Images Sports)

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