Tesla is expected to launch a sleek new Model Y compact SUV based on the Model 3 soon, and an unofficial render is now boosting the hype.

The Tesla Model 3 hasn't even hit the market yet, but the company is already planning to unleash another compact crossover built on the same platform as the Model 3.

Tesla Model Y Rumors

Rumored to arrive as the Tesla Model Y, this compact crossover is expected to be similar in many respects to the Model 3, including on the affordability front. Unlike other more expensive Tesla offerings, the Model 3 price will start at just $35,000 before incentives, and the Model Y is expected to be just slightly more expensive.

It's worth pointing out, however, that Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk believes that transaction prices of the new Tesla compact SUVs will be higher because buyers would likely add more options to their cars.

Even so, the Tesla Model 3 stirred a great deal of excitement and the Model Y based on it could be the company's new best seller, so Tesla enthusiasts are already trying to anticipate what the new compact crossover could look like.

Tesla Model Y Render

Although not a lot of information is available yet regarding the Tesla Model Y, Musk reportedly confirmed that the vehicle will have "Falcon Wing" doors like the Model X.

With that in mind, the folks over at Autocar came up with a render of the purported Tesla Model Y, envisioning a sleek SUV with Falcon Wing rear doors but otherwise similar design and options as the Model 3. In other words, the Model Y would borrow cues from both the Model X and the Model 3.

This render is not an official one and does not depict the real Tesla Model Y, but it does offer a glimpse of what the upcoming SUV might look like. Autocar notes that Tesla will likely not unveil the Model Y until next year and production will likely kick into gear the year after that.

By that time, Tesla will likely make significant headway with its self-driving driving technology and the Model Y could have the necessary electrical prowess to support fully autonomous driving.

Next-generation Tesla vehicles, including the Model Y, are expected to boast eight cameras for a 360-degree view of their surroundings, while 12 ultrasonic sensors and a new radar would improve the cars' ability to handle tough conditions. Current radar systems are hit-and-miss when it comes to fog or heavy rain, so it's an area with plenty of room for improvement.

However, adding fully autonomous driving technology to future Teslas will likely amount to a few thousands of dollars extra and local regulations could limit use of the technology.

Lastly, both the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y may face an uphill battle to find a good balance between affordability and the need for a larger battery that would allow for a good range, especially since Tesla Supercharging is no longer free. A bigger battery could also entail a price bump, but it may be well worth it for a longer range.

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