Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are among the most popular smartphones around. Cashing in on the popularity of the smartphone, a third-party accessory manufacturer has given the iPhone 7 Plus a retro look.

Colorware, a specialized custom-made gadgets and skins manufacturer based in Minnesota, has launched a vintage version of iPhone 7 Plus.

"Painting the past is back! Colorware is pleased to announce the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition. If you love the vintage look of the original 1980's Mac then why not have it on your phone! Great attention to detail is given to this fully painted iPhone," notes the company.

The iPhone 7 Plus Retro

In spite of having the iconic logo of Apple, the vintage model of iPhone 7 Plus touts a multi-colored logo of the company. Stripes in a dark beige color have been painted on the edges of an authentic Black iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 Plus Retro is available for a limited period, declares Colorware, and the first 25 units of the classic will have an authenticity number.

Colorware is offering the unlocked variant of the iPhone 7 Plus, and the on-board storage capacity of the variant is 256 GB.

The Customization Process

Colorware has shared a detailed account of the entire process of customizing the phone. The iPhone 7 Plus undergoes a long and intense process to achieve the retro look, according to the company.

First, the smartphone is disassembled. This is followed by an intense cleaning and masking process. After this, the painting process is started, which culminates with a thorough inspection. Colorware imparts a vintage look to the iPhone 7 Plus Retro, which is quite stellar.

Once these steps are over, the folks at Colorware buff the iPhone 7 Plus and reassemble its parts. The device then undergoes the final inspection. If the result of the final inspection is positive, then the device gets packaged. It is repackaged in the original retail box.

It also gets earphones, a Lightning to USB cable, a USB Power Adapter along with documents inside the box.

Apart from the vintage look, the smartphone's other specifications are the same as the original.

Is It The Same Price?

The damages for the iPhone 7 Plus Retro are a lot higher than the original. While the 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus costs $969 in the United States, the retro version from Colorware is priced at $1899.

If you are looking to snag the iPhone 7 Plus Retro, hurry up as it will be available for a limited period. After placing the order, the shipping process will take two to three weeks. To purchase the iPhone 7 Plus Retro, you can head to Colorware's online store.

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