Kickass Torrents Still Kickin' Despite Torrent Sites' Woes: 'Happy Torrents Day' Coming This Month


The Kickass Torrents force is still rocking, reincarnated as the forum and gearing up for its sixth annual "Happy Torrents Day" later this month.

The torrent scene has been facing increasing turmoil and has suffered several major setbacks, yet it showed impressive resilience despite all challenges.

Kickass Torrents Demise And Revival

Kickass Torrents (KAT) is living proof of that and although the U.S. government shut down the original KAT site last year and arrested its leader, Artem Vaulin, it did not go down.

The shutdown shook the torrent scene to the core, but Kickass Torrents returned as several members of the original team regrouped and revived the KAT community under the forum. The new KAT had the same look and feel as the original version, sparking new hopes for the fate of torrent sites.

Kickass Torrents Is Back For 'Happy Torrents Day'

Several months after Kickass Torrents reincarnated into, it is not only still up and running but it's also gearing up to host its sixth annual "Happy Torrents Day" on March 30.

"Happy Torrents Day" has become a treasured tradition of Kickass Torrents and despite all troubles, the KAT community is keen on keeping this tradition alive. The KAT team has officially announced that the celebratory day is still on for the sixth year in a row. As always, Kat encourages users to upload, download, and share as much as they can.

Kickass Torrents And The Freedom Of Sharing

"The day is an awesome day for every torrent user around the world as KickassTorrents (KAT) will be celebrating 'Happy Torrents Day' for the sixth year in a row," touts the announcement. "Kickass Torrents started this tradition nearly 6 years ago to encourage torrent users around the world to download, upload, seed and share as much as possible. It is a testament to the notion of 'freedom of sharing' and every year brings new challenges and milestones."

Mr. Gooner, one member of the KAT team, tells TorrentFreak that "Happy Torrents Day" has been a big celebration each year and users even got time off work to fully enjoy the festive day and participate in various KAT community events.

At the same time, however, there's no denying that in other years Kickass Torrents had far more traffic. The new site still draws in millions of users each month, but things may never be the same and this will surely be reflected in this year's "Happy Torrents Day."

Nevertheless, the team remains positive and highlights that allowing users to share freely is the most important part of it all. With that in mind, KAT's milestone for the festive day is simply to share as many torrents as possible.

Uploaders will get rewards for their efforts and on "Happy Torrents Day," the most active ones will receive reputation points. 15 uploads will net uploaders 400 rep, 30 uploads will yield 1000 rep, while 50 uploads will bring a hefty 1,000 rep.

It remains to be seen what the future will hold for Kickass Torrents and other torrent sites, but the race is still on and the "Happy Torrents Day" tradition continues.

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