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Kickass Torrents Still Kickin' Despite Torrent Sites' Woes: 'Happy Torrents Day' Coming This Month

Kickass Torrents survived its shutdown last year and is still among the most resilient torrent sites. The team is ready to celebrate again and is now gearing up for the sixth annual 'Happy Torrents Day,' set for later this month.

Internet March 20, 2017

The Pirate Bay, Rarbg, Kickass Torrents, 1337X, Torrentz2, ExtraTorrent Warning Notice Program Failing, New Report Indicates

A new warning program for users of file-sharing websites such as The Pirate Bay, Rarbg, Kickass Torrents, 1337X, Torrentz2, and ExtraTorrent appears to be failing so far. A new study indicates many warnings are erroneous and the program will be ineffective.

Internet March 11, 2017

The Pirate Bay Blocked By ISP: Rarbg, Kickass Torrents, 1337X, Torrentz2, ExtraTorrent, And Others To Follow?

The Pirate Bay has been officially blocked by an ISP after a court held for an entertainment industry consortium in Sweden. The ISP, however has vowed to fight rulings against similar sites such as Rarbg, Kickass Torrents, 1337X, Torrentz2, and ExtraTorrent.

Internet March 4, 2017

The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Torrentz2, Rarbg, 1337x, Kickass Torrents Users: New ISP Warning System Details Revealed

The details of the newly implemented ISP warning system for users of torrent websites in the UK have been revealed. A Sky subscriber who received an email from the ‘Get It Right’ program has shared its contents.

Apps/Software February 11, 2017

The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x, Kickass Torrents Users: No More Warnings Or Punitive ISP Action

Users of The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x, Kickass Torrents, and other similar websites need no longer fear warnings or CCI action from their ISPs. The Copyright Alert System 'Six Strike' program has officially been discontinued.

Internet February 4, 2017

UK Torrent Users Receiving Warning Letters From ISPs, But No Consequences

A new program targets users of torrent websites. Users of those file sharing services are set to receive their first warning letters from their ISPs in the UK shortly, but beyond that there are no consequences.

Internet January 30, 2017

Kickass Torrents Return: Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x Stay Top Sites As KAT Falters, Here’s Why

The official results now show the return of Kickass Torrents hasn’t made a dent in the traffic performance of its competitors. The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, and 1337x all continue to hold steady as the new KAT struggles to make gains.

Internet January 25, 2017

Kickass Torrents Comeback Bombing? Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x Remain Top Sites Despite KAT Return

Is the return of Kickass Torrents a bomb? The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, and 1337x, the former top torrent site’s biggest competitors, have seen no overall traffic drop despite KAT’s return.

Internet January 11, 2017

Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x And Kickass Torrents: 2016's Most Popular Torrent Sites Ranked

2016 saw a big shakeup in the world of torrenting, with three of the largest sites shutting down, two of which have ultimately returned in new versions. The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x and Kickass Torrents rank among the most popular sites of the year.

Internet December 29, 2016

Top 10 Tech Stories Of 2016: Android, Kickass Torrents, The Running Man Challenge, And More

The tech world has a lot of goings-on every year, making it hard to keep track of all of them. That's why we've listed down the top 10 tech stories of 2016 that got the most attention from our readers.

December 25, 2016

Kickass Torrents Back Online To Challenge The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Torrentz2, 1337x and Rarbg With New Site, Original Design And Staff

Kickass Torrents is back online. The new version of the site is created by former staffers, retains its old design and is ready to win back traffic lost to rivals like The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Torrentz2, 1337x and Rarbg since its July shutdown.

Internet December 20, 2016

Kickass Torrents Returning In February 2017 As

Purported Kickass Torrents rigleader Artem Vaulin was denied bail and has to remain in custody until mid-February 2017, but his legal team has filed a new brief. Speculation is ripe that the torrent site could make a comeback in February 2017 as

Internet November 25, 2016

Kickass Torrents Owner Artem Vaulin Denied Motion To Drop Charges: KAT Was A 'Flea Market For Infringing Files,' US Court Argues

Kickass Torrents ringleader, Artem Vaulin, just got another blow in the United States. The U.S. court denied his motion to have the charges against him dropped, and even compared him to a drug lord seeking immunity because he didn't take drugs.

Business Tech November 14, 2016

The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, 1337x And Kickass Torrents Alternative Extratorrent Mirror Sites Shut Down Due To Copyright Complaints

Pirate Bay, Torrentz, 1337x and Kickass Torrents alternative Extratorrent has had three of its mirror sites shut down. The sites have been blocked due to copyright complaints made to the domain registrar.

Internet November 10, 2016

1337X Takes On The Pirate Bay As Torrentz And Kickass Torrents Alternative Unveils New Site Design

File-sharing website 1337X has unveiled a new home page design and will be adding community forums shortly. The Torrentz and Kickass Torrents alternative has been gaining in traffic since the demise of those sites, and is now in a position to eventually challenge the current No. 1 site, The Pirate Bay.

Internet October 31, 2016

Kickass Torrents Defense: Torrents Are Not Copyrighted Material, Case Must Be Dismissed

Kickass Torrents’ defense team has filed a motion to dismiss the U.S. government’s case against the former file-sharing website. The defense argues that torrents in and of themselves are not copyrighted material.

Internet October 19, 2016

Pirate Bay Blocked By Google Chrome And Firefox: Kickass Torrents Mirror, Extratorrent, Torrentz And Other Clones Accessible

The Pirate Bay has been blocked by popular browsers Google Chrome and Firefox, ostensibly for malicious third-party advertising on the site. Users may bypass the warning and still access the site or use others, including popular clones and mirrors of the Pirate Bay.

Internet October 8, 2016

Pirate Bay Mirror Shut Down: Alternative Clone Had Kickass Torrents Skin, Vows To Continue

A popular Kickass Torrents clone was just shut down by Mexican authorities. The site, which continues to operate under another domain name, was actually a mirror of The Pirate Bay using Kickass Torrents skin.

Internet September 24, 2016

The Pirate Bay, Extratorrent Traffic Surge Confirmed By Data After Kickass Torrents And Torrentz Shutdowns

New data indicates that the Pirate Bay and Extratorrent have experienced huge traffic surges as a result of the recent shutdowns of Kickass Torrents and Torrentz. Other sites have benefited greatly as well, indicating that torrent users haven’t stopped, and instead, merely switched to alternative resources.

Internet September 7, 2016

Pirate Bay Is Most Used Torrent Site Once Again As Former Kickass Torrents And Torrentz Users Migrate

The Pirate Bay has officially emerged as the most used torrent site worldwide. The site regained its former crown at the expense of Kickass Torrents and Torrentz, both of which have recently shut down.

Internet August 16, 2016

Torrentz Returns As Kickass Torrents Scams And Clones Appear: One Alternative Mirror Site Is Really Pirate Bay

In the wake of the demise of top torrent sites Kickass Torrents and Torrentz, more new clones and scam sites are popping up. One recent mirror site is scamming users for credit card details, another is really just The Pirate Bay in disguise, but a new version of Torrentz appears to be the real deal.

Internet August 11, 2016

Free Artem Vaulin: Ira Rothken Asks US To Drop Charges And Release Kickass Torrents Ringleader ASAP

Kickass Torrents purported ringleader Artem Vaulin is still in prison, but his lawyers are pushing for his release. Led by Ira Rothken, the defense urges the U.S. DOJ to dismiss the criminal complaint against Vaulin and free him as soon as possible.

Business Tech August 9, 2016

Torrentz Closes Shop In Wake Of Kickass Torrent Shutdown: Are Alternatives Pirate Bay And Extratorrent Next?

Torrentz, the world’s largest torrent file meta search engine, has closed up shop following the recent Kickass Torrents shutdown. Millions of displaced users will flock to The Pirate Bay and Extratorrent, among others, in a quest for alternatives, but is it only a matter of time before those sites shut down as well?

Internet August 6, 2016

Will The Torrentz Shutdown Kill Torrenting? Highly Unlikely, But It Does Change The Torrent Scene

Torrentz, the world's largest torrent search engine, has reached the end of its road and quietly shut down operations. While it's a sad moment for the torrent world, torrenting will live on.

Internet August 6, 2016

Kickass Torrents Demise Creates Pirate Bay, Torrentz And ExtraTorrent Traffic Surge As Users Seek Alternatives

The sudden shutdown of top torrent site Kickass Torrents has led to an exodus to other similar websites. Pirate Bay, Torrentz and ExtraTorrent are all experiencing traffic increases as a result of Kickass Torrents’ demise.

Internet July 31, 2016

Kickass Torrents Back Online: Alternative Clones And Mirrors Emerge, But Are They Safe?

Although popular file sharing site Kickass Torrents has been shut down, many alternative sites are claiming to offer the same content as the original. These websites may not be safe to use, however, and the type of content they purportedly offer is also limited.

Internet July 26, 2016

Kickass Torrents Purported Ringleader Arrested In Poland, Charged With Copyright Infringement In US

The alleged ringleader of popular torrent site Kickass Torrents, Artem Vaulin, was arrested in Poland and charged with copyright infringement in the U.S. Ironically, Vaulin was caught following a legal transaction on iTunes.

Business Tech July 21, 2016

Pirate Bay And Kickass Torrents Losing Steam As YouTube And SoundCloud Music Stream-Ripping Picks Up: Study

Traditional file-sharing torrent sites like the Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and Torrentz are experiencing a decline in use after years of rapid growth. The slowdown can be attributed in part to the new popularity of stream-ripping of music from sites like YouTube and SoundCloud.

Apps/Software May 7, 2016

Major Record Companies Want Kickass Torrents Blocked In Australia

Australian record companies want to block Kickass Torrents in Australia. The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) says that torrents websites exploit the creativity of artists and make money from advertising.

Legal April 20, 2016

Kickass Torrents Turns Into Netflix Of Torrents, Lets You Stream Content Online For Free

Kickass Torrents has implemented the technology of Torrents Time on its website, allowing users to stream torrent videos on a browser. As a result, it has become the Netflix of torrents.

Internet February 10, 2016

Pirate Bay Domain Suspended After Owner Failed To Verify With ICANN

The original site of The Pirate Bay,, has been suspended as the owner failed to verify the site's contact information. Prior to the emergence of the EuroDNS message on the site, was already noted as inaccessible.

Internet December 8, 2015

Chrome And Firefox Kick Out Kickass Torrents Due To ‘Harmful Programs’

Popular torrent downloading website Kickass Torrents has been blocked by Chrome and Firefox due to the presence of malware that automatically downloads into some users’ machines.

Internet October 10, 2015

Kickass Torrents, Torrentz Take Over As Court Orders The Pirate Bay Shutdown

A court ordering the shutdown of popular torrent site The Pirate Bay has resulted in Kickass Torrents and Torrentz taking over in the field as their popularity ever increases.

Internet May 19, 2015

The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Torrentz And Other File Sharing Site Domains Targeted In New SOPA-Like Initiative

A consortium of entertainment industry groups has targeted file-sharing sites such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and Torrentz in an initiative to take down the domains of copyright infringing sites. The initiative is reminiscent of SOPA, which called for similar measures.

Internet May 15, 2015

Kickass Torrents, Pirate Bay, Torrentz Users Targeted In Movie Studios Malware Warning Attack On Top File Sharing Sites

File sharing sites Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay and Torrentz are the focus of the MPA, which aims to bring about 'awareness and outreach campaigns' to warn users of malware that is associated by these types of sites.

Internet May 8, 2015

The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Torrentz And Other File Sharing Sites Snub Movie Studios 24 Hour Shutdown Threat

The Motion Picture Association, or MPA, has directly contacted top torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Torrentz and others. The movie studio consortium has given them 24 hours to shutdown under threat of possible legal action.

Internet May 5, 2015

Kickass Torrents New Domain Name Seized, Pirate Bay Seizure Imminent

The new domain name for Kickass Torrents has been seized, and it seems as if the same fate may await The Pirate Bay.

Internet April 30, 2015

Kickass Torrents Moves To New Domain Name, Is The Pirate Bay Next?

Kickass Torrents has moved domain names and is now using a new domain located in the Isle Of Man. The Pirate Bay may also be forced to switch domain names next week.

Internet April 24, 2015

HBO Strikes Back At Downloaders Of Leaked 'Game Of Thrones' Episodes From Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents And Other File Sharing Sites

HBO is striking back at the millions of file sharers who downloaded the show on websites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. The first four episodes leaked online.

Internet April 20, 2015

Pirate Bay vs. Kickass Torrents: Which Site Is Safer Following Serious Malware Attack By Hackers?

After a site attack in which hackers spread infected malware designed to steal torrent site users' banking information, is The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents the safer alternative when downloading files?

Internet April 10, 2015

Pirate Bay vs. Kickass Torrents: Which File-Sharing Site Is Now Number One In The World?

The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents have been the top two file-sharing sites in the world for quite some time. But which one is the most popular?

Internet April 2, 2015

Pirate Bay vs. Kickass Torrents: What Is The Better, Safer Alternative For File Sharers?

The two top file-sharing sites in the world are The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. Is there a better, safer alternative for file sharers?

Internet March 20, 2015

Pirate Bay vs. Kickass Torrents: The Best of Both File Sharing Sites In One Single Search

Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents are the two top file-sharing sites in the world. Here are some tips and secrets for searching both sites simultaneously for torrent files.

Internet March 15, 2015

Pirate Bay vs. Kickass Torrents: Which File Sharing Site Provides The Best User Protection For Downloads?

The two top torrent sites in the world are The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. Which one provides the best safety protection for users?

Internet March 6, 2015

Pirate Bay vs. Kickass Torrents: Which File-Sharing Site Is Tops For Safety?

The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents are the top two file-sharing sites on the web. Is one safer than the other for downloading files?

Internet February 26, 2015

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