What if I told you Far Cry 4 could be finished in 15 minutes, all without firing a single bullet? Hard to believe, right? That is indeed the case, and it makes for one of the best alternate game endings ever.

We all know from numerous trailers that Far Cry 4's main villain is Pagan Min. He looks to be a twisted, sadistic and complicated man to be sure, but it turns out he isn't so bad if you just give him a chance.


At the beginning of Far Cry 4, players have a choice, even though it might not seem like one. Min takes you to his home where he instructs you to sit down and finish dinner while he takes care of some things. As soon as Min leaves, most players escape the house, which then leads to main Far Cry 4 storyline of joining a resistance and fighting against Min to take back the fictional country of Kyrat.

Except you don't have to.

What if, instead of running away, you just sit and finish your meal like Min says? A lot. Wait long enough, and Min eventually returns. He returns and asks how you enjoyed the crab rangoon and then the two are on your way to your mother's grave, where Min explains hidden details about your past and Min's relationship to the main character's mother. After you sprinkle her ashes on a shrine, you and Min board a helicopter and fly away, with Min exclaiming "You feel better now? Get it out of your system? Maybe now we can finally shoot some goddamn guns."

Then the credits roll. You can watch a video of how it all plays out below.

It's completely out of left field, and that's what makes it so great. By simply following instructions and ignoring what you think you are supposed to do, you unlock a whole new ending. Just think about how much virtual hardship and violence could have been avoided over the years if players did what they were told to do, instead of immediately running for the assault rifle and blowing everything to kingdom come.

Far Cry 4 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Nov. 18.

Photo: Ubisoft

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