A Texas woman ordered barbacoa and finds "teeth" inside her tacos. After she posted her complaint on Facebook, the restaurant came with an explanation.

When the Facebook post gained massive attention, Texas restaurant El Rincon was fast to clear the air. The representatives of the company explained that the woman hadn't found teeth in her tacos, but beef lips.

Woman Gets Teeth In Her Barbacoa Tacos

The woman, Courtney Aguilar, had ordered barbacoa tacos at the Mexican restaurant and soon noticed that the food came with teeth in it. In the Facebook post following this incident, the woman said that the server had told her that it was "baby teeth" when confronted about the issue. The Facebook post was since made private but has already gone viral. The post was accompanied by a long description detailing the event.

Aguilar's post was shared by more than 2,000 Facebook users before she made it private. Many of the comments were very supportive of her cause, some users even said they would never eat at that restaurant again. Those who commented on the thread said that, although the restaurant has a vendor who supplies the meat, it's close to impossible for the employees to have missed a big chunk of jaw while preparing the dish.

Few comments, however, implied that the woman overreacted when she decided to complain about her food. One Facebook user, Lupe Rodriguez, even said that the teeth found inside the tacos were a reassurance that the food was actually made from beef.

"Here's the deal. That just means this barbacoa is fresh and the real deal. 100 percent beef. Somehow people are grossed out by this. But are comfortable eating McDonald's chicken nuggets or Subways chicken breast that are made out of I don't know what," noted Rodriguez.

As a reaction to the food issue that got viral very fast, Laxon, the company that provides the meat for the El Rincon restaurant, came with a public explanation of the incident, in the form of a letter.

"Occasionally, some parts of the lips get mixed into the cheek meat; it is easily identified by the soft pointed nodules that are on the inside of the lip. There is no equipment that I am aware of that can detect this in the cheek meat, and it is extremely rare that any of this gets mixed in with the cheeks," noted the letter.

Roger Baza, the owner of El Rincon, said that the restaurant and its vendor would part ways after this incident, also noting that he hadn't made a decision about a possible future supplier of beef meat.

Food Complaints, Not That Uncommon

There have been other similar cases. In 2015, a man from California complained about the chicken tenders he ordered from KFC that looked like a fried rat. His case also went viral and the company independently checked the product, showing that the "rat tender" was just a piece of chicken with an unusual shape and nothing more.

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