Tesla is rolling out a new update for its Autopilot software, which brings advanced semi-autonomous capabilities to Model X and Model S cars from the company.

Last week, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk affirmed that the much-awaited Software 8.1 update would be pushed out from March 28 to March 29.

True to its promise, on March 29, the company started rolling out the Software 8.1 (17.11.3) update for owners of Model S and Model X, along with Autopilot 2.0.

Since October 2016, Tesla had been building vehicles equipped with a better range of sensors, cameras, and radar. The company calls this range Hardware 2, which was created with the aim of pushing the limit of Tesla's automated-driving feature.

The latest update pushed out for Hardware 2 will bring an array of features for the safety and convenience of Model S and Model X owners.

Tesla Software 8.1 Update: The New Features

The Tesla Software 8.1 update is making its way to vehicles equipped with HW2 in North America. The global rollout will follow soon, over the next couple of days.

The latest update adds more features in HW2-equipped vehicles. The Tesla Software 8.1 brings the following features in the Model X and Model S' control system.

Lane Departure Warning

This alert automatically warns the driver if the car has crossed a lane marking. The alert comes via a vibration in the steering wheel, notifying the driver of the mistake. The alert only works when the traffic signal is closed and not active.

High Speed For Autosteer

The automatic steering function, which helps the driver steer within a lane, now works at high speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. The previous speed was 55 miles per hour.

Although Autosteer works mechanically, Tesla advises drivers keep their hands on the wheel so that they can take control at any time. This feature is dependent on traffic-aware cruise control.

Auto Lane Change

Another handy feature that has been included in this update is the Auto Lane Change. This feature helps the driver move the vehicle into an adjoining lane, during an open signal. It also alerts the driver when it is safe to change lanes in moving traffic.

Driverless Parking

Last but not the least, the driverless parking feature enables the car owner to park or recover the vehicle via the keyfob or the Tesla mobile app. Tesla introduced this technology, dubbed Summon, in January 2016 in the 7.1 software update.

At the time, the feature was made available to HW1-equipped Tesla vehicles. However, with the 8.1 update, this handy feature has been introduced in HW2-supported vehicles as well.

Other Features

Apart from these endowments, the update also brings some other features. Post the update, Model X owners will be able to adjust their seats automatically, with a single tap. The built in height of the SUV's falcon doors can also be altered thanks to the new adjustment capability.

Post the installation of the update, the Google Maps on the touchscreen display of Model X and Model S will reflect the Google rating, phone number, address, and hours of operation of a business or shop that the user may choose.

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