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Tesla Model S Driver Was On Her Phone In Latest Autopilot Crash: Elon Musk Fires Back At Critics

The driver in the latest Tesla Model S crash revealed that Autopilot mode was activated, but admitted that she was looking at her phone at the time of the accident. Tesla CEO Elon Musk defended the technology amid renewed criticism.

Car Tech May 14, 2018

Tesla Latest Software 8.1 Update Brings New Features To Model S And Model X

Tesla pushed out the Software 8.1 update on March 29, which brings an array of handy features. Model S and Model X owners benefit from Lane Change, Autosteer, driverless parking, and more.

Car Tech March 30, 2017

Tesla Motors Rolls Out Autopilot Update, But Only To HW2 Vehicles: How Long Will Owners Of Older Models Wait?

Tesla Motors has started rolling out the 8.1 software update, which includes upgrades to the controversial Autopilot feature, to about 1,000 HW2-era electric vehicles. When will owners of older models receive the update?

Car Tech January 2, 2017

Tesla Shows Off Its Self-Driving Car Navigating Busy Highways And Stopping For Pedestrians

Tesla wants to move all its line of electric vehicles into the realm of self-driving, but first, the software needs to be just right. The company showed off a demo of this software in action, and from what we can tell, the company has a winner on its hands.

Car Tech November 21, 2016

All Tesla Motors Electric Vehicles Will Now Come With Hardware For Full Self-Driving: Aggressive Push Despite Autopilot Controversy

The 'unexpected' product that Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said he would announce turned out to be exactly just that. Despite the controversy surrounding the company's Autopilot, all its vehicles will now come with the necessary hardware for full self-driving.

Car Tech October 20, 2016

Germany Warns Drivers Against Using So-Called Autopilot: Tesla Motors Asked To Rename The Driver Assistance System

Germany warned Tesla Motors electric car owners in the country on the usage of the controversial Autopilot feature. Even when activated, drivers should keep their attention on the road at all times.

Car Tech October 15, 2016

Tesla Motors 'Pushing The Envelope' On Safety, Mobileye Chairman Says: Autopilot Not Meant For Driverless System

Mobileye said in June that it will not be extending its partnership with Tesla Motors. In an interview with Reuters, Mobileye chairman and CTO Amnon Shashua revealed the reason for this decision.

Car Tech September 15, 2016

Tesla Autopilot's Upcoming Shift To Radar Could Have Prevented Fatal Model S Accident, Elon Musk Says

Tesla Motors will soon release improvements to its controversial Autopilot self-driving technology. The most significant change is that the system will shift to using radar instead of cameras as its primary sensor.

Car Tech September 12, 2016

Tesla Motors Autopilot Saves Lives Too: Model X Drives Missouri Man To Emergency Room

The Autopilot feature of Tesla Motors has been under fire recently after a fatal accident that claimed the life of Model S driver Joshua Brown. However, a recent incident helps prove that the feature can also help in saving lives.

Car Tech August 7, 2016

Tesla Fatal Car Crash Still Puzzling: Cameras Or Radar To Blame Instead Of Autopilot?

Tesla defends its Autopilot feature in front of authorities and points a finger at either the radar or braking system to explain the fatal crash from May involving a Tesla Model S. Meanwhile, regulators are probing Tesla's Autopilot safety levels.

Car Tech July 30, 2016

Tesla Motors To End Partnership With Mobileye: Will Tesla Manufacture Its Own Self-Driving Sensors?

Tesla Motors and Mobileye are ending their partnership, as a result of the fatal car crash of a Model S vehicle while Autopilot was enabled. With the move, will Tesla begin making the technology that it sourced from Mobileye in-house?

Car Tech July 27, 2016

Germany To Require A Black Box In Every Self-Driving Car Due To Recent Tesla Accidents

Germany is planning new legislation that will require vehicles with self-driving capabilities to have black boxes installed. The black boxes will help in determining whether the driver or the vehicle is responsible in case of any accidents.

Car Tech July 19, 2016

Fatal Tesla Crash Is Not An Indictment Of Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

The public and media are blowing the fatal crash involving the Tesla Model S completely out of proportion, with some already calling for a ban on semi-automated vehicles. However, some key factors are being overlooked.

Car Tech July 8, 2016

Drivers Using Autopilot Still Safer Than Those Who Don’t: Tesla

Tesla’s Autopilot mode is under investigation in relation to a fatal accident involving a Model S driver. The company, however, is adamant that drivers using the feature are safer on the road than those who don’t.

Car Tech July 7, 2016

Tesla Model S Driver Killed In Crash While On Autopilot Mode: First Self-Driving Car Fatality

The NHTSA launched an investigation into the Autopilot system of Tesla Motors, as a Model S driver was killed in an accident while the feature was activated. The incident is the first death related to a self-driving car.

Car Tech July 1, 2016

How Good Is Tesla's Autopilot System? It Can Lower Probability Of Accident By 50 Percent, Says Elon Musk

Elon Musk made a claim that the Autopilot system of Tesla Motors could lower accidents by 50 percent. While there are some inconsistencies with data, the figure remains an impressive one.

Car Tech April 25, 2016

Tesla Autopilot System Prevents Accident, Saves Life Of Driver

Tesla Model S owner Joshua Brown shared how the car’s autopilot feature saved his life. The Tesla vehicle’s autopilot system was quick to avoid a truck abruptly merging into the same lane, preventing a possible collision.

FUTURE TECH April 20, 2016

70-Year-Old Woman Tests Out Autopilot Of Tesla Model S, Gives The Best Reaction Ever

A video of a 70-year-old woman testing out the autopilot system of a Tesla Model S is evidence that the technology is not for everyone just yet. Nevertheless, it's easily one of the best reaction videos online.

April 18, 2016

Tesla Will Reportedly Limit Autopilot Features In Upcoming Software Update

Tesla is patrolling and trying to keep people from doing stunts when they should be behind the wheel. To do that, an upcoming firmware update is set to restrict autopilot.

FUTURE TECH December 12, 2015

Google Hires Brains Behind Tesla's 'Autopilot'

Google has hired some of the talent behind Tesla's 'Autopilot' mode, highlighting the company's interest in self-driving car technology. It's not yet known exactly what the new employee will be doing at Google.

Apps/Software November 30, 2015

Tesla To Release 'Constraints' To Autopilot Mode So You Can't Do Dumb Things With It

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company will release an update to autopilot mode on its Model S, bringing a number of constraints to the new mode so that people can use autopilot mode at dangerous times.

Apps/Software November 6, 2015

Tesla Adding 'Additional Constraints' To Autopilot Feature So People Don't Go Crazy With It

Tesla plans to make changes to its autopilot feature after several drivers have been going crazy with it. Autopilot limitations may require all drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times.

FUTURE TECH November 5, 2015

Tesla Autopilot Feature Gets Regulatory Approval: Model S Can Drive Itself In All Countries Except Japan

Tesla’s Autopilot was approved by almost all global countries, making the semi-autonomous system the hottest topic in the auto industry right now. Elon Musk promised that Autopilot gets even more improvements, once Autopilot 1.01 is launched.

FUTURE TECH October 24, 2015

Tesla’s Autopilot Feature Put To The Test: Here’s What Early Users Say About Tesla’s New Autonomous Driving Features

Tesla released its Autopilot system a few days ago and is currently on the front pages of most publications. Does it live up to Tesla's claim of making the travel safer?

FUTURE TECH October 19, 2015

Tesla Pushes 'Autopilot' Update: Model S Can Now Drive Itself

Tesla has begun releasing version 7.0 of its software, which features an autopilot mode and essentially enables the car to drive itself. Despite this, car owners are advised to keep their hands on the wheel.

FUTURE TECH October 15, 2015

Driverless Autopilot For Boats Will Make The Lives Of Captains Much Easier

Three undergrads from the University at Buffalo, New York, invented a marine autopilot system. Tests proved that automatized analysis of multiple variables can lead to safer sea traveling.

Gadgets October 10, 2015

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