If binge-watching Netflix movies and TV shows is your forte, you could get paid for it if you're also good with languages and translations.

Netflix is looking for people to help with translating subtitles and it launched a new program called Hermes, designed to address the challenge of finding good subtitle translators in different countries worldwide.

Help Create Netflix Subtitles

Through Hermes, Netflix wants to find collaborators who will help craft subtitles for the Netflix content catalog in more than 20 different languages. Collaborators will work as contractors through local partner firms, and will be paid based on the volume of subtitling and translation.

"Hermes is the Netflix translator testing platform for Fulfillment Partners, as well as individuals with a background in subtitling that want to join our network," Netflix explains.

Netflix Hermes Test

As expected, just applying for the job won't actually get anyone hired. Interested individuals who want a chance at being a Netflix subtitler will need to go through the application process and then proceed to the testing process, which consists of five phases.

The tests aim to grasp applicants' understanding of the English language, as well as their skill when it comes to translating idiomatic phrases into another language, or spot linguistic and other errors. Netflix explains what each phase entails and how long it should take to complete, and notes that the whole testing process should not take longer than 90 minutes.

The Netflix global expansion from early 2016 made the streaming service available in 130 countries worldwide, significantly expanding its reach and boosting its user base. Creating high-quality subtitles at scale, however, is a challenging task and Netflix still has an uphill battle in this area.

Some languages are not even supported yet or, in some cases, there are subtitles in a language for some Netflix movies and TV shows, but not for all. Getting more subtitling partners worldwide should substantially help expand the trove of available subtitles and the Hermes program has apparently raised plenty of interest so far.

"Given the large number of responses to the test, Netflix will be in touch within a week or so to advise on whether you have passed the test," the company explains. "In the event of a pass, there may or may not be immediate work, but we are actively building a roster of talented subtitlers to recommend to our vendors, or in some instances working directly with Netflix in the near future."

Netflix Subtitles Payment

When it comes to how much one can expect to earn from translating subtitles for Netflix, the rates vary. Payments depend on the source and target language and you can check the rates on the company's website.

If you're interested in becoming a Netflix collaborator for translating subtitles, submit the application and take the test to see if you qualify. If all goes well, you should hear from Netflix in roughly a week and start the collaboration when the company has available work it needs done in your area. Intrigued? Let us know in the comments section below.

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