So many things have been said about the dangers in the use of e-cigarettes, also known as "vaping." But none is more immediate, obvious, and fatal than having the device explode while using it.

The literal explosive effect of e-cigarettes is well-documented. From a man who lost seven teeth when the vape exploded in his mouth, to a guy who suffered third-degree burns on his thigh, the damage is severe, instantaneous, and tragically, very preventable.

Quitting is always the best option. But if you cannot kick the habit just yet or taking your time before you throw the e-cig away, here are some safety tips to keep yourself burn-fee.

Know The Brand

Like with most products, a brand name is synonymous with quality. Most of the vapes in documented explosions were from little-known brands. They are often cheap knockoffs and often manufactured under the lowest quality checks. Knockoffs are cheaper, but compared with the price of hospitalization, you are always better off with an original and trusted brand. You can always buy from reputable sellers in shops or online.

Read The Instructions

It sounds ironic that you are reading these tips instead of the instruction manuals that go together with your vape devices. It cannot be stressed any further: read the instructions and understand them. So you will not only know how to use your brand of vape, but also how to not use them.

Don't Let The Atomizer Overheat

Speaking of proper use, familiarize yourself with the vape parts. Atomizer is the part that turns the liquid into vapor. Yes, that magic smoke comes from this heating section of your vape. It is the most important and also the most dangerous.

When vaping, do not hold the button for too long as it will cause the atomizer to overheat. Do not hold the button for more than five seconds. Also, avoid chain vaping as it can also damage your vape tank. Best option is to get a second vape then alternate the usage to give the other time to cool down.

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries

According to a 2014 U.S. Fire Administration data, one of the primary causes of e-cig explosion is batteries. Batteries explode; we have seen that in cellphones and laptops.

There are many factors why the lithium-ion batteries in e-cigs explode. One is wrong charging. Overcharged batteries tend to short out and the electrolytes inside these batteries explode due to sudden surge. Another reason is overheating. Pressing your atomizer like there's no tomorrow can overheat the atomizer and can cause the batteries to explode. So always make sure to check your batteries and replace them if needed. And don't buy knockoff ones as they tend to be of inferior quality.

Do Not Mix With Other Electronic Devices

A stray spark is enough to short the batteries and send your e-cig to a smokey explosion. So avoid clumping your e-cigs with cellphones, chargers and even metals like keys and coins. Also keep it away from water as it can damage your vape and maybe cause a short circuit.

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