Conagra Brands Inc. is recalling its famous Hunt's Chili Kits from retailers, online shopping sites, as well as military commissaries. The company issued the voluntary recall on Sunday, April 2.

The move is prompted by the possibility of Salmonella bacteria in the chili seasoning, which is found inside the packet.

Though it is yet to find any traces of the bacterium inside any of the products and to be on the safe side, Conagra Brands wants to ensure a thorough check.

What Led To The Chili Kits' Recall?

The information of the probable presence of the Salmonella bacterium in the Chili Kits was first brought to the company's attention by one of its suppliers — pointing to the raw material used for the chili seasoning.

"Although no Salmonella was found in the finished product supplied to Conagra Brands, the company has decided out of an abundance of caution to recall the product," noted the Food and Drug Administration.

Catering to the safety of users, the company advises consumers not to use the product for now. It recommends that consumers to return the product to the store from where it has been purchased.

What Is Salmonella?

Salmonella is a kind of bacterium which can cause severe symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal pain, as well as fever. In most cases, people recover without treatment. However, in some instances the situation becomes so critical, that the patient needs to be hospitalized.

Maintaining proper hygiene and careful handling of food are the only ways to prevent affliction from this disease.

Which Products Have Been Recalled?

On April 2, Conagra Brands announced that it is teaming up with the FDA to recall some batches of Hunt's Chili Kits.

Users can identify the product by looking at the "best buy dates" and product code. The products being recalled are Hunt's Chili Kit 44.8OZ bearing the UPC code 20-0-27000-42063-2. The MFG/Lot codes for the recalled products are:

3534619500 (best buy date April 4, 2018)

3534622200 (best buy date May 1, 2018); and

3534619600 (best buy date April 5, 2018).

One can find the product code information listed at the bottom of Hunt's Chili Kit, right below the bar code.

In collaboration with the FDA, the Conagra Brands is working to ensure that all the reported packages are being removed from store shelves and are not sold until further investigation.

Customers with any queries can contact the company anytime between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., from Monday to Friday. The company can be reached at 1-800-921-7404.

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