iPhone 7 Gunpowder Test: Watch The Smartphone Get Blown Up By 25 Pounds Of Gunpowder [Video]


A fiery (Product) RED iPhone 7 had an explosive encounter with 25 pounds of gunpowder and, surprisingly enough, it lived to tell the tale.

High-end flagship smartphones such as the iPhone 7 require quite a hefty investment so durability is an important aspect - if you pay a small fortune for a smartphone, it should at least be tough enough to last for a good while.

Apple touted the iPhone 7 as a sturdy smartphone resistant to water, dust, and the occasional bump or drop, but the handset is apparently fireproof as well.

The (Product) RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Special Edition hit the scene in late March as part of Apple's efforts to help fight the spread of AIDS. Other than the bold new avatar with a red paint job, the red iPhones don't sport anything different from the regular iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones of 2016.

iPhone 7 Gunpowder Challenge

We've seen quite a lot of crazy experiments designed to take durability tests to the limit and burn tests are not unheard of, albeit they usually involve just a lighter flame on the display.

This new iPhone 7 torture test, however, is truly explosive - literally - as it involves blowing up the smartphone using 25 pounds of gunpowder.

In the test, YouTuber TechRax places the iPhone 7 in a bucket filled to the brim with black gunpowder, complete with a fuse. The iPhone is on and fully functioning, and it only takes a few seconds after lighting the fuse for the whole rig to explode.

With such a fiery test, you'd expect the iPhone 7 to be toast, but things are not quite so. The bucket is pretty much molten and the smartphone is blown away in the blast, but it's not dead.

iPhone 7 Survives Explosion

The iPhone 7 is charred and its display is covered in a white-ish dust, but it actually survives the explosion. The smartphone just shows a temperature warning on the display, alerting the user that the smartphone is overheated and needs to cool down before being used.

After letting it cool for a bit, TechRax starts checking the smartphone and although it's been in an explosion, the iPhone 7 seems to work just fine. The display is responsive to touch and looks completely undamaged, albeit the back is quite crispy. Nevertheless, the iPhone 7 is fully functional although it's just been blown up by 25 pounds of gunpowder.

Don't Try This At Home, Kids

A previous iPhone 7 scratch and burn test from last year already showed that the smartphone is pretty durable, but the latest gunpowder test takes things to a whole new level of durability.

Keep in mind, however, that such experiments take heavy-duty tests to the extreme, but should by no means be taken lightly or replicated just for kicks. Don't try this at home, as it can be dangerous and cause real damage.

That said, check out the video below to see the (Product) RED iPhone 7 having a blast with 25 pounds of gunpowder.

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