Best Anime Catchphrases: Japanese Fans Rank Their Favorites


Japanese animation series and films are definitely a huge source of entertainment for fans of the genre but some shows and characters definitely stand out.

Whether an anime series is long or short, characters often have catchphrases that stick to people's minds, especially when they repeat it throughout the show.

Of course, not everyone will agree on the best catchphrase, so the website Charapedia attempted to find out which memorable character has the most catchy line by asking its 10,000 users. The 10,000 users had to vote on their favorite from a list of 60 user-suggested catchphrases and we have the top 10 results.

Top 10: Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon takes the top 10 spot with 192 votes for her post-transformation, pre-attack catchphrase "I will punish you in the name of the moon!"

Top 9: Ryouma Echizen, The Prince of Tennis

Ryouma Echizen received 232 votes for his somewhat frustrating line "Not good enough."

Top 8: Seijuro Akashi, Kuroko's Basketball

Don't even think about going against the 269 votes recived by Sijuro Akashi because he won't be happy about it. Why? We'll just let his catchphrase speak for itself:

"If you oppose me, I will kill you no matter who you are."

Top 7: Conan Edogawa, Detective Conan

The young detective turned kid detective knows that carefully crafted lies and alibis are always involved in all his cases - and in pretty much every situation. That is why we must remember his catchphrase if we want to get to the bottom of any mystery: "There is always one truth."

Conan's motto received 310 votes.

Top 6: Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto

Naruto received 232 votes for his very short but very affirmative catchphrase: "Believe it! (Dattebayo!)."

Top 5: Kenshirou, Fist of the North Star

Kenshirou received 374 votes for a line that shows just how epic - and scary for his opponents - he is. When Kenshirou points at you and says "You are already dead," you probably don't have long to live. To prove this point, just watch the video below.

Top 4: Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy received 375 votes for his declaration "I'm gonna become the Pirate King!" and the best way to understand why is to watch the series.

Top 3: Heiji Hattori, Detective Conan

The third spot belongs to Heiji Hattori, the first person to discover Conan's true identity. The memorable line is, of course, "Yo Kudou!" Heiji received 409 votes.

Top 2: Jotaro Kujo, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

The next catchphrase is really more of an expression heard from many anime characters but it's definitely more memorable when Jotaro Kujo says it. With 461 votes, "Good Grief (Yare Yare Daze)" is the second most unforgettable catchphrase.

Top 1: Nico Yazawa, Love Live! School Idol Project

Is it even any surprise that the No. 1 idol in the universe took the top spot with 506 votes? For Nico, the top spot is her rightful place but, don't worry, she'll give you some Nico love with her catchphrase "Nico Nico Nii!"

 Alright, now watch the video and say it with Nico-nii.

Nani sore? Imi wakannai.

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