As the much-awaited April 21 release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ inches closer, rumors are rife that some customers may get their hands on the devices a few days early.

According to a message from T-Mobile, which was sent to a customer who preordered the Galaxy S8 smartphone from the carrier, the handset will be shipped a couple of days earlier than expected.

T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Shipping Out Sooner Than Promised?

According to a TmoNews report, a user received a message from T-Mobile which indicated that the handset would start shipping on April 19, two days prior to it hitting the U.S. shelves. The message also noted that the customer should expect their credit card to be charged soon for the relevant payment.

"Get ready! The Samsung Galaxy S8 releases April 21st. We're packaging your T-Mobile [Order Number] so you might see applicable charges on your card. We will start shipping April 19 prior to its release," stated the message from T-Mobile.

This news finally confirms what many people were expecting from the network operator. T-Mobile has a track record for early releases and routing rivals. In the past, the carrier has made available preordered devices to its customers days, sometimes even weeks before the product from rival carriers is shipped out.

T-Mobile's History Of Early Releases

When the Galaxy S7 launched, T-Mobile started to ship the device around a week prior to its official release date in 2016.

More recently, the company started pre-sales for the LG G6 from March 24, almost two weeks before the official shipment date of April 7.

However, this time round, T-Mobile has opted to ship the Galaxy S8 just two days prior to its nationwide release. This small window will not make much difference to many customers because in most cases the shipment will take at least two days to reach them. However, a user who has opted for overnight shipping will likely get the Galaxy S8 smartphone on April 20, a day prior to its release.

This is a good opportunity for the carrier to maximize the preorders for its variant of the Galaxy S8. Following news of this early shipping, many consumers may be lured to pick up the handset from T-Mobile instead of other carriers.

No other network operator apart from T-Mobile seems to have a pre-sales event for the upcoming Samsung devices, although Sprint customers who preordered the Galaxy S8 will get an eCertificate worth $100.

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