'Star Wars Land' Will Feel Like An RPG: Visitors Will Build Reputations That Shape Their Experience


Star Wars Land, announced by Disney back in 2015 as upcoming attractions in Disneyland in California and in Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando, will play out as full-blown role-playing games, with visitors to determine the outcomes of their experiences.

The information about Star Wars Land was revealed at a panel in Star Wars Celebration, where Electronic Arts also unveiled Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Star Wars Land Visitors Will Develop Reputations

In the Star Wars Celebration panel that discussed Star Wars Land, it was revealed that the attractions will be fully immersive, with visitors able to develop reputations that will shape their experience throughout the theme park area.

For example, one attraction will have players decide whether to ride with the First Order or with the Resistance, a choice that will lead to certain consequences while in Star Wars Land. Another attraction will have customers try to fly the Millennium Falcon, if they do not do a great job at it, they would be on the receiving end of angry snarls from Chewbacca. Visitors may also be given tasks by either the First Order or the Resistance, and whether they choose to complete the tasks or not will also affect their stay in Star Wars Land.

How Will Star Wars Land Look Like?

From the immersive experience and the descriptions by the panel members, composed of people from Disney and Lucasfilm working on the project, Star Wars Land will not be merely a theme park area but rather an experience that will bring visitors to an alternate world as soon as they step in.

The area will be based on a brand new planet within the Star Wars universe created for Star Wars Land. The planet lies somewhere in the Outer Rim, formerly a busy crossroads for space trade routes until hyperspace travel made it a forgotten location. The planet is now home to those who do not want to attract attention, including adventurers, rogue traders, and smugglers.

Visitors to Star Wars Land will be able to spot members of the First Order and the Resistance walking on the streets, and will be able to purchase food items such as meat grilled on the engine of a podracer and blue milk.

The theme park area will also utilize technology for lightsabers that will look more realistic than ever. There will also be life-sized AT-ATs that will be towering over Star Wars Land.

Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm's Story Group gave the assurance that the theme park area will be "real-world building," with nothing to feel cheap or unrealistic. Designer Doug Chiang, meanwhile, said that he is working on Star Wars Land as he would on a movie, with the overall setting to be based on Morocco and Istanbul.

Disney started building Star Wars Land last year, and the project remains on track to be completed by 2019. More information regarding Star Wars Land will be revealed in July at the D23 Expo, but even with the theme park area not yet completed, the franchise has already established a significant presence in Disneyland.

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