Google Maps has released a Thanksgiving traffic alert for 21 cities across the United States to tip travelers on how to avoid the dreaded Thanksgiving traffic jams.

In addition, Google Maps also revealed the top searches made on the map service before, during and after the occasion.

The study pulled in data on traffic from Monday prior to Thanksgiving to Sunday after it in the years 2012 and 2013, and trends on searches made on Google Maps from 2013.

According to Google Maps Product Manager Aaron Nelson, holidays should be spent with loved ones and not inside a car that is stuck in a traffic jam.

"To save you from traffic headaches this Thanksgiving, we're giving you a look at Turkey Day traffic and trends, powered by Google Maps," Nelson added.

Analysis revealed that the worst day for driving in most cities is the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. However, exceptions to the trend are the cities of Boston, which have it worst on Tuesday, and Honolulu, Providence and San Francisco, which have it worst on Saturday.

The second worst day for traffic is Saturday, while the third worst is Tuesday. Black Friday, with the shopping frenzy that it hauls in, surprisingly does not draw a lot of traffic on the road.

For the day of Thanksgiving itself, traffic is mostly a breeze and is usually the best day to drive within the entire week.

Drivers going back home from their Thanksgiving retreats should probably wait for Sunday instead of Saturday, as traffic could be worse by 40 percent on Saturday.

In terms of time, the worst hours for traffic during Thanksgiving are between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm in the aforementioned Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. Drivers that really need to get out during that day are advised to leave before the clock hits 2:00 pm or after 7:00 pm.

The largest increase in traffic among the 21 cities included in the study is seen in Philadelphia, followed by Austin, Washington D.C., Dallas and New York.

In terms of Google Maps search trends, the top three searches before the occasion were "ham shop," "pie shop" and "liquor store," representing the last minute errands before Thanksgiving.

However, for Thanksgiving itself, the top search on Google Maps is "outlet mall," as people gear up for the Black Friday shopping craze the following day.

On Black Friday, the top searches of "Christmas tree farm" and "festival" show that people are already looking ahead to Christmas.

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