Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are being touted as the best flagship smartphones of 2017.

Extended battery life tests showed that the duo outpaced top-notch smartphones like the iPhone 7, OnePlus 3T, LG G6, and more.

However, if users want to add some more hours to the already robust battery life of the Galaxy S8 they can do so easily. Here are some handy tips to enhance the Galaxy S8's battery life.

Alter Display Resolution

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a WHD+ setting by default. However, the setting is not always necessary and lowering the resolution will enhance the smartphone's battery life.

Most of the time, users do not require the use of the super high-resolution WQHD+ display. Thus, one can turn this feature on only when playing games or watching videos. For daily use, the screen resolution can be set to FHD. One can shift to the WQHD+ setting for binge watching sitcoms or streaming YouTube videos.

Use Apps To Sleep Option

The Galaxy S8 has an option to put the applications to sleep manually, which effectively prevents apps from using battery life while running in the background.

Basically, when an app is in this mode any push notifications will be halted. Only when a user opens the app the next time, the application will wake up and the updates will resume.

Putting an app to sleep is pretty simple. To do so one simply needs to long-press the app's icon till the settings popup becomes visible. Next, choose the Sleep option shown in the list and opt for OK.

Turn Off Auto Brightness

A common way to enhance battery life of a device is to control its screen's brightness. To turn off the auto brightness of the Galaxy S8's screen, open the Quick settings panel. Next, tap on the tiny arrow located next to the brightness slider. Toggle off the auto-adjust button.

Turn Off Always-On Display

The Galaxy S8's Always-On Display or AOD is quite a handy feature while one is loaded with work. However, it also drains the battery slowly.

To disable the feature on the Galaxy S8, follow the steps below,

Step 1: Open the Settings menu.

Step 2: Go To "Lock screen and security" option.

Step 3: Toggle the button to off beside the AOD option.

With the AOD turned off, one will have to press the power button every time to check time or notifications, but it will also save the battery nevertheless.

Have Low Screen Timeout

Screen timeout refers to the duration the display stays on after the user's last interaction with the smartphone.

The lowest screen timeout option the Galaxy S8 provides is 15 seconds, which is also the default option. Thus, if one is aiming to extend the battery life it is advisable to not select a higher timeout option such as 30 seconds or higher.

To adjust the timeout on the Galaxy S8 head to Settings > Display > Screen timeout.

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