Everybody knows Guy Fieri. We don't know why he is the way he is, but we know who he is. You know what he looks like. He's got the bleached hair spiked outward in sharp tips. He's got a goatee with a bleached vertical patch. He loves wearing unusually long shorts and he frequently sports spaceman sunglasses.

Oh, and apparently he cooks or something.

Twitter user "Wrong Opinion Guy" wondered what Fieri would look like without all of his flame-seared accouterments. And being rather handy with Photoshop, our new Twitter hero set to work on a stock AP photo of Fieri, erasing the goatee and switching out the blonde tips for something more like his natural hair color. This is the result.

Somehow, removing the bleach alters the entire composition of his face and highlights the previously unnoticed moist oiliness that lives there. I've always thought Fieri's look is pretty ridiculous, but shockingly, it's actually an improvement over his "normal" look. Speaking of those bleached tips, every time somebody mentions Guy Fieri, it reminds me of that time somebody working at TV Guide was having a bad day and was like, "Ah, screw it."

Good times.

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