Street Fighter V Work Costume DLC: Here's What To Expect


Capcom announced through separate posts on its Unity blog that new DLC is coming soon to Street Fighter V, including work costumes that will be made available for a handful of characters.

The developer and publisher previously stated that it has planned to support Street Fighter V as far as 2020, and it seems that Capcom is not slowing down in releasing DLCs for the fighting game.

'Street Fighter V' Work Costumes

Capcom revealed through a Unity blog post that Alex, R. Mika, and Chun-Li will soon be receiving work costumes. The development team created the costumes by thinking of what these three characters would have as their professions if they were not fighting.

Alex will be given a firefighter costume that shows off his chiseled body, though the hose wrapped around his torso might not be enough to protect him if he goes charging into a fire.

R. Mika, meanwhile, will receive a cheerleader costume, as her "vocal prowess and fighting spirit" will likely make her a good one. The costume comes with pom-poms that players can choose to take off it they would want to.

Lastly, Chun-Li will get business attire, making her look like she is ready for a meeting between your face and her foot.

The costumes will be made available to all Street Fighter V players on April 25 for $3.99 each.

'Street Fighter V' School Costumes, Remastered Thailand Stage

In a previous post on the Unity blog, Capcom also revealed that school costumes and a remastered Thailand stage are also coming to Street Fighter V.

Capcom, which first revealed the DLC at its WonderCon 2017 panel, showed off the school costumes of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Juri.

The school costume of Ryu is based on the looks of a stereotypical Japanese Bancho, which is the term for a student gang leader, with his coat's lining depicting a battle between a tiger and a dragon.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li's school costume shows her as an honor roll student with only the highest standards for herself as she strives to maintain her standing at the top of her class.

Juri, on the other hand, takes on the look of a gothic schoolgirl with black lipstick and nails plus a spider logo at the back of her jacket.

Similar to the work costumes, the school costumes will be available on April 25 for $3.99 each.

Capcom also showcased the remastered Thailand stage, the iconic level where M. Bison made his debut back in Street Fighter II. The bell and statues of the stage have been recreated in Street Fighter V, and while a night version was explored, Capcom decided to stay as true as possible to the original stage.

The Thailand stage will also be released on April 25, with the same price of $3.99. However, unlike the work costumes and school costumes, it can also be unlocked using 70,000 fight money.

'Street Fighter V' News

Street Fighter V was crowned as Best Fighting Game at Game Awards 2016, after Capcom delivered on its promise of releasing a steady flow of updates to the title.

In Capcom's update released last July, a story mode was added to Street Fighter V, alongside the addition of Ibuki and Balrog as playable characters, Las Vegas and Kanzuki Private Beach as new stages, stability fixes for matchmaking, and many more.

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