There was a lot of awesome stuff in Guardians of the Galaxy: Chris Pratt, explosions, awesome music...but for many, the lovable Groot was the highlight of the film. Despite being a 9-foot-tall walking tree, Groot was so simple and so memorable that many claim he was the best part about the entire movie - and he had to die before spending the end credits dancing in a pot of dirt. That's not an easy act to pull off.

The resurgence of Guardians of the Galaxy has inspired a number of different fan projects, as Marvel movies are wont to do. Fan art, giant wooden carvings and cosplayers were just the tip of the iceberg for the new fanbase, though this newest project might just be the best out of them all.

There's a lot of childhood nostalgia wrapped up in a swingset - reminders of a more innocent time gone by. Seeing how there are fewer characters more innocent than Groot, a combination of the two just seems right:

There are few things in life as awesome as a full-sized Groot swingset. The attention to detail is absolutely insane: while the picture isn't of the highest quality, it's easy to see that the texture and grooves in Groot's bark/skin were meticulously recreated.

The Groot was created by some very devoted fans for an upcoming show called Super Fans, Super Builds, though it was originally revealed by none other than the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn. The director first posted it to his Tumblr account a few days ago before the picture found its way over to Reddit.

It's safe to say that there are going to be a lot of jealous kids (and some adults) in that neighborhood from now on.

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