Users Around Pacific Rim Report #FacebookDown On Twitter: Is Godzilla To Blame?


Facebook briefly suffered from a wide global outage, and of course, users who were unable to log in to their accounts resorted to Twitter to vent out their frustrations.

The Facebook outage came less than a week after messaging service WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook, experienced issues too.

#FacebookDown On Twitter

Users from all over the world reported the widespread outage of Facebook on Twitter, tagging the tweets #FacebookDown.

Some users were already thinking about what they should do while their favorite social network was not available.

Not all was lost though, as offices and classrooms in affected areas were likely going to have a good day today with the ultimate time waster out of commission.

According to the Down Detector website, over 7,500 reports of #FacebookDown came in at the peak of the issue. A quick look at the Facebook outage map of the website also revealed how widespread the issue is, with most reports coming from the West Coast of the United States and several countries in Southeast Asia and Australia. While the mobile version was available in some affected areas, all platforms were reportedly unavailable in Australia.

It appears that whatever caused the problem affected countries around the Pacific Rim. Let's hope that it's not Godzilla who caused the ruckus.

What Caused The Facebook Outage?

Facebook has not released a statement regarding the global outage, and as such, no explanation has been given on why the social network was out for several minutes. Facebook's Messenger, however, was seemingly not affected by the outage.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds. In the meantime, users can try logging back in to Facebook to continue with their daily lives on social media.

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