Apple has rolled out the latest update for its mobile operating system, iOS 10.3.2, alongside updates to the macOS for Mac computers, watchOS for the Apple Watch, and tvOS for the Apple TV.

The release of iOS 10.3.2 comes six weeks after Apple launched the first public beta of the mobile operating system version at the end of March and just over a month after iOS 10.3.1 was rolled out at the start of April.

What's In iOS 10.3.2?

In Apple's description of iOS 10.3.2, the mobile operating system update is said to contain various bug fixes and improvements to the security of iPhones and iPads. A closer look at the contents of the update reveals that the fixes cover a wide range of problems, including issues related to iBooks, Notifications, and CoreAudio.

The update also includes a total of eight fixes related to WebKit, which solve an even larger number of problems.

To bring an iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.3.2, users can wait for a notification that it is ready to be installed, or initiate the process by going into Settings, tapping on the General menu, and then selecting the Software Update option. The update has a size of 196.4 MB.

Many consider iOS 10.3.2 as a minor release, though, as Apple is expected to unveil iOS 11 at the Worldwide Developers Conference next month. However, the next major version of the mobile operating system will likely not be available until September, which is when Apple will announce the next iPhone model.

Apple Launches macOS, watchOS, tvOS

In addition to iOS 10.3.2, Apple also launched updates to the operating systems that power its Mac computers, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

For macOS 10.12.5, Apple also included several security updates and fixes to several issues for Mac computers. Among the problems that the update fixes are the stuttering audio that users experience while using USB headphones and the system date being wrongly set at 2040. The update can be installed through the App Store.

The updates to watchOS 3.2.2 and tvOS 10.2.1 similarly include the promise of improvements and bug fixes to the Apple Watch and Apple TV, respectively. To install the watchOS update, users will need to launch the Watch app in the device's connected iPhone, select General, and tap on Software Update. The tvOS update will follow the same instructions for the iOS update, going into Settings, then into the General menu, and then selecting Software Update.

What To Expect At WWDC 2017

As previously mentioned, Apple is expected to unveil iOS 11 at the upcoming WWDC. The major iOS version will drop support for 32-bit apps, so developers of such apps will need to update them to a 64-bit structure.

Apple is also expected to unveil a 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a Siri-powered smart speaker at the annual event. The new iPad Pro is expected to be similar to the 9.7-inch iPad released in March, but with a bigger display and thinner bezels. The Siri smart speaker, on the other hand, will be Apple's attempt to challenge the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

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