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Apple Original Content Will Be Free For iOS And tvOS Device Owners

Apple, which is investing $1 billion into original programming, is planning to give away the content for free. The Apple streaming service, apparently, was not planning to challenge Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Apple October 11, 2018

Apple Rolls Out iOS 10.3.2 To Fix Bugs For iPhones And iPads; macOS, watchOS, And tvOS Also Updated

Apple has rolled out iOS 10.3.2, the last update for its mobile operating system before iOS 11 is unveiled at the upcoming WWDC 2017. Apple has also released macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2, and tvOS 10.2.1.

Apple May 16, 2017

Apple Confirms Swift 3.1 Spring 2017 Launch: Here's What To Expect

Apple has confirmed that several changes are going to ship with Swift 3.1 once it rolls out next year. In this version, the company will be introducing limited number of enhancements alongside bug fixes to pave the way for Swift 4's development.

Apple December 12, 2016

Apple Rolls Out Single Sign-On Feature Via iOS 10.2, tvOS 10.1: Here's How To Use It

Apple's new Single sign-on feature will let users enter cable service account details once to automatically access TV apps thereafter. It is currently available in the United States and is supported by a growing list of cable providers.

Apple December 7, 2016

Apple Reportedly Halving App Store Fees For Video Services Integrated With New 'TV' App: From 30 Percent To 15 Percent

The drastic price drop in App Store premium could allow Apple to aggressively push its own video strategy. Video services' eligibility for reduced fees will require an agreement to be integrated into Apple's new TV app.

Apple November 18, 2016

BitTorrent Live Streaming App For Apple TV Aims To Solve Lag Problems

BitTorrent has unveiled its first dedicated app, named BitTorrent Live, which will feature free content from over a dozen channels. The app will use BitTorrent's proprietary live streaming technology, which aims to massively reduce lag issues.

Apps/Software May 18, 2016

You Can Now Preview Select Apple TV Apps On The Web

Apple has started to roll out web links and web previews for select fourth-generation Apple TV apps. This allows users to browse tvOS offerings on iTunes using their computers before buying the content.

Apps/Software April 21, 2016

Apple Starts Selling Refurbished Apple TVs Online, Including Last Generation

Apple recently started selling refurbished Apple TVs on its online store. Customers can now purchase third and fourth generation refurbished Apple TVs at attractive prices starting at $59.

Gadgets January 26, 2016

Apple Rolls Out tvOS 9.1.1, Brings Podcasts App To New Apple TV

Apple has released tvOS 9.1.1, which can be considered a minor update for the Apple TV. The update, however, adds the Podcasts app into the new Apple TV, a feature which was initially slated to come with tvOS 9.2.

Apps/Software January 26, 2016

Apple Seeds WatchOS 2.2 And tvOS 9.2 Betas: Here Are The New Features To Expect

While iOS 9.3 Preview gets the spotlight, Apple's other mobile operating systems recently got love too. tvOS saw the return of some missing features, while WatchOS got something new as well.

Apps/Software January 13, 2016

Apple TV Hits 2,624 tvOS Apps In One Month: 2,000 Percent Growth And It's Just Getting Started

AppFigures recently released a report underlining the impressive growth rate of Apple TV App Store’s content. With 2,624 apps available in total, Apple TV owners prefer to download low-cost apps for entertainment and gaming.

Apps/Software December 11, 2015

Apple Shelves Streaming TV Plans After Negotiations Fail Due To ‘Skinny’ Bundles: Report

Apple has reportedly shelved its live TV plans after negotiations with media companies failed. It seems that the root of the problem is Apple pushing for a 'skinny' bundle of TV channels priced at less than $30 every month.

Gadgets December 10, 2015

Pandora Launches Its App For The New Apple TV

Apple Music competitor Pandora is now available to download on the tvOS App Store.

Apps/Software December 10, 2015

Twitter Digits For tvOS Will Finally Simplify The Apple TV Login Process

Twitter followed Facebook's lead in fixing Apple TV’s messy app login. The microblogging company just notified developers that using Digits for tvOS to log in works faster than pecking digit after digit using the Apple Remote.

Apps/Software December 3, 2015

Amazon Developing tvOS Solution To Bring Prime Video To New Apple TV Soon

Amazon announced that it is developing an app that would allow Apple TV owners to watch streaming content from Amazon Prime Video. The Seattle-based company said that the app should be live in a few weeks' time, probably by the end of 2015.

Apps/Software November 30, 2015

Facebook Releases tvOS SDK, Adding Login Support For Apple TV Apps

Facebook announced the release of a SDK that will make logging into AppleTV apps a breeze, even with the Siri Remote. The SDK was good news for developers as well, as coders get access to Facebook analytics.

Apps/Software November 27, 2015

'Guitar Hero Live' Launches For Apple TV, But Gamers Need Guitar Controller To Play

Gamers won't be able to play 'Guitar Hero Live' on Apple TV if they don't buy the game's signature controller.

Geek November 11, 2015

Apple Taking Apple TV On Global Tour With Tech Talks To Lure Developers Into Its Platform

Apple is in need of app developers for its Apple TV platform, and it intends to lure them in with a global tour for Apple TV Tech Talks.

Gadgets November 11, 2015

Apple Seeds Apple tvOS 9.1 Beta To Developers, Adds Siri Support For Apple Music, In-App Purchases And Wi-Fi Improvements

The tvOS 9.1 beta for the fourth-generation Apple TV is available on Apple's developer center, and it's bringing in notable features and improvements, including Siri support for Apple Music and Wi-Fi improvements.

Apps/Software November 10, 2015

VLC Beta Testers Needed For Apple tvOS App: Here's The Deal

On Nov. 10, VLC announced that it's developing an app for the tvOS Apple Store. Many users acclaimed VLC’s functionality on other platforms so the tvOS app should seamlessly play a lot of media file types.

Apps/Software November 10, 2015

Eddy Cue Reveals More About Apple TV: tvOS App Store, Rumored Subscription Packages And More

Eddy Cue talked about the Apple TV and how it strives to set itself apart from the likes of Google and Roku. The Apple Senior VP promised to bring a much better experience for consumers in terms of viewing content.

Gadgets November 9, 2015

Apple TV Apps Will Soon Get Ads Thanks To AppLovin SDK For tvOS

AppLovin is preparing to bring ads to the Apple TV platform in a big way beginning this month when it rolls out software development kits. Already, one developer is onboard with the project.

Apps/Software November 9, 2015

Developer Hacks New Apple tvOS To Get iOS-Like Folder Support

Support for folders could be on the horizon for the Apple TV tvOS after a developer hacked the device to find the feature hidden. The feature works, in many ways, like folder support on iOS 9.

Apps/Software November 6, 2015

Apple TV Preorders Reach First Customers As Amazon Pulls The Competition From Its Store Shelves

The Apple TV is making its way to its first customers in the East after Apple Stores in the U.S. got ready to sell the next-generation set-top box on Friday. However, there’s one place you surely wouldn’t find an Apple TV.

Gadgets October 30, 2015

The New Apple TV Is Now Available For Preorder With Delivery Starting Oct. 30

Apple's fourth-generation Apple TV is now available to order online, with deliveries starting this Friday.

Gadgets October 26, 2015

Apple Opens App Submissions For tvOS As Apple TV Launch Looms

A week before the fourth generation of Apple TVs comes out, developers received green light to create apps for tvOS. Apple offered downloadable tools and guidelines, as it expected a heavy inflow of Apple TV app submissions.

Apps/Software October 23, 2015

Streaming Media Organizer Plex Coming To Apple TV

Plex will soon become available to users of Apple TV. The company, which is known for organizing and streaming media content, announced that it is bringing the Plex app to tvOS.

Apps/Software September 14, 2015

Apple TV Apps Have Maximum 200MB Initial Download Size: What This Means For Users

The new App Programming Guide for Apple TV's tvOS stated that apps will be limited to a 200MB initial download size, as there will be no persistent local storage for Apple TV apps.

Gadgets September 10, 2015

Apple TV Upgraded With Apps, Siri, Games And Touchscreen Remote

It finally happened. Today in San Francisco, Apple at long last unveiled its next generation of Apple TV, which comes with a snazzy touchscreen remote, apps, games and deep Siri integration.

Gadgets September 9, 2015

Apple Announces A New Operating System For Apple TV: tvOS

Apple TV's standalone tvOS comes with an array of new and first-time updates and apps.

Apps/Software September 9, 2015

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