A few weeks after Google Maps received the Material Design makeover, Google is rolling out another update with a few minor features that users who largely rely on Maps when researching about a destination will likely find useful.

Google Maps 9.1 now allows users to view additional information on their destinations. Tapping on the pin will bring up snippets of information such as the time, local weather and a short description of the destination. For instance, PCWorld says touching the pin over the San Francisco Marriott Marquis describes the hotel as having "sophisticated rooms in a modern high-rise, plus business perks, indoor pool and penthouse lounge. 4 stars."

It is unclear if the update has already rolled out to most users, as some report that they do not yet see the time and local weather snippet on a destination. This will most likely not be a major problem for users who are checking out a place a few minutes away from them, but the new feature will definitely be useful for travelers who use Maps to check out hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.

The new Google Maps 9.1 also includes a feature that lets users view the traffic situation toward their destination. An integrated and improved Google Now also means that users can issue voice commands to Maps to "show traffic" or "hide traffic," which drivers on a road trip will likely find very useful. The feature also serves up alerts for situations such as road closures or accidents, along with suggestions for alternate routes and the time it takes to get to their destination on the alternate route.

If these new features take off, Maps could become the all-in-one go-to app for travelers looking for information on their destination, taking away a significant share of the market from competitors such as Yelp.

Other features have not appeared live yet but have been found lurking in the apps' APK file. These include information about hotel reservation, which lets users view available rooms at a certain hotel and their check-in and check-out dates.

The last time Google updated Maps was only a few weeks ago when it rolled out a new app overhauled with Google's new design language. That update also came with integration with a couple of travel apps, including Uber and OpenTable. With these services online, users of Google Maps can now view Uber fares for their destinations and view open spots at a restaurant and make reservations.

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