For some Americans, Black Friday truly does look like nightmare. Massive crowds. Violent tempers. Seasonal employees thrown to the wolves. Every year it seems like Black Friday gets earlier and more violent. And for what? Cheap prices on televisions? Buy one, get one free deals? Sales on the season's hottest toys, which in another year will be out of style and forgotten?

It's a cultural phenomenon that is perfect for a satirical horror film. Surprisingly, one doesn't actually exist. Weird, right? But that's where YouTube channel Nacho Punch comes in. In the same vein of their Daylight Savings Time movie trailer, they've created a fake trailer for what a Black Friday film might look like. Of course it's a horror film, and it's a pretty spot-on critique of the biggest shopping day in America, a day that turns normal human beings into ravenous beasts. Sometimes. 

Doorbusters gather at the store gates like the mindless undead. A wife pleads her husband to stay at home for Black Friday, but is silenced by the man's need for another 70-inch television. As men and women are maimed and murdered fighting over gifts, the truth becomes all too evident. The shoppers may be harming one another, but they are helping the economy. All the while Black Friday statistics flash across the screen. It's a fun trailer for a movie that doesn't exist. Yet. So if you are thinking about participating in this year's shopping apocalypse, keep this trailer in mind -- just wait for Cyber Monday.

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