Sprint Offers New Customers Unlimited Data For An Entire Year: Here's What You Need To Know

In yet another attempt to snag its rival's customers, Sprint is prepared to offer new users a year's worth of unlimited data when they switch.

Unlimited Data For A Year

As part of Sprints ongoing promotion, new users will receive unlimited talk, text, a 4G LTE connection including HD video streaming, and 10 gigabytes of data for mobile hotspot usage per month. The major catch in regard to data usage is that Sprint does reserve the right to throttle a user's data speed during times of heavy traffic. However, they have said that such a measure won't be implemented on users who have used less than 23 GB during that month.

Once the year is up, customers will have to pay Sprint's standard rates, which are $60 for the first line, $40 for the second line, and $30 for each additional line up until a maximum of five lines.

That being said, signing up for this deal does not lock users into a contract, so they'll be free to leave after this year assuming they haven't signed any additional contracts with the company.

What Will Sprint's Unlimited Data Plan Cost

While Sprint's data plan is free, there are a few fees associated with this plan that consumers should keep in mind before making the switch. For starters, they will need to buy a sim card that will cost $2.99 in addition to a monthly fee of $1.99. Beyond that, users will have to pay an activation fee of $30, but Sprint will apply a credit to the account after two months of being opened.

On the administrative side of things, Sprint requires customers to enroll in its AutoPay and ebill programs. Customers can leave these programs, but it will cost $5 a month to leave the AutoPay program.

Who Is Eligible For This Offer

The plan is named "Stop feeling ripped-off by Verizon," so Verizon customers are obviously welcome, but the plan is open to AT&T and T-Mobile customers. Unfortunately, current Sprint customers cannot sign up for this offer.

How To Sign Up

Beyond not being a current Sprint customer, there are a few catches regarding this program. For starters, customers will need to own an unlocked smartphone though they will be able to buy a new phone from Sprint within four months. Beyond that, this plan is only available through Sprint's website. It is not offered through any of Sprint's stores. Finally, it is only until the end of June, so time is running out.

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