The iPhone 8 remains as one of the hottest topics in the rumor mill, with the latest leaks seemingly confirming the final design of the Apple's upcoming premium smartphone.

The newest leaks come in the form of screen protectors for the iPhone 8, revealing what many fans have expected for the final look of the smartphone.

Leaked iPhone 8 Screen Protectors Confirm Final Design

A UK-based website named MobileFun, which sells accessories for a range of popular smartphones, has uploaded a listing for an iPhone 8 screen protector that is shown hovering above the device. The accessory, manufactured by Olixar, is made of tempered glass and offers edge-to-edge screen protection for the iPhone 8.

In addition to the leaked screen protector by MobileFun, SlashLeaks also uploaded an image of an iPhone 8 screen protector that looks very similar to what the UK-based accessory seller is offering.

The screen protectors reveal bezels that are only 4 millimeters thin, save for a section at the top containing cutouts for the iPhone 8's front-facing camera and biometric identification sensors.

With the iPhone 8 a few months away from being announced, Apple would have sent detailed dimensions to third-party accessory manufacturers by now so that things such as screen protectors and cases will be available once the premium smartphone is launched.

MobileFun, however, has had a habit of leaking accessories for upcoming smartphones. The company leaked the final Samsung Galaxy S8 design three months before it was unveiled, as well as the final iPhone 7 design and its lack of a headphone jack three months before it was announced.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8 in September, which is again three months from now, so if MobileFun continues its accuracy, the listed screen protector reveals exactly what the iPhone 8 will look like, as supported by the screen protector image acquired by SlashLeaks.

To further pad confidence in the leaked screen protectors, the front panel for the iPhone 8 that was reported last week shows a final design very similar to the one that the accessories are based on.

What Else Do The Leaked Screen Protectors Mean?

In addition to confirming the nearly bezel-less display of the iPhone 8, the leaked screen protectors give more credibility to the claim made by famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on virtual buttons coming to the smartphone.

With the home button gone, Kuo claims that the bottom portion of the iPhone 8 screen will be taken up by a function area containing various virtual buttons, which will depend on the app running or what the user is doing.

The nearly bezel-less display also heightens the possibility that Apple was successful in embedding its Touch ID fingerprint scanner technology into the iPhone 8's display. With the home button and large bottom bezel eliminated, such a feature was necessary to avoid placing the fingerprint scanner at the back, like what Samsung did for the Galaxy S8. Samsung, meanwhile, is said to have had difficulty with doing the same, which means that the Galaxy Note 8 may repeat the Galaxy S8's design flaw.

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