Samsung is reportedly having technical issues with its plan of embedding the fingerprint scanner underneath the display of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, and an industry insider has finally revealed what exactly the problem is.

The location of the fingerprint scanner at the back of the Galaxy S8 is one of the main criticisms against the smartphone, as its position beside the camera lens made it awkward to reach and opened the risk of fingers causing constant smudges on the lens. Will Samsung repeat the Galaxy S8 design flaw with the Galaxy Note 8?

Embedded Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner Causing Brightness Issues

According to an industry insider, Samsung is struggling to figure out how to embed the Galaxy Note 8's fingerprint scanner under its display due to brightness issues.

A render uploaded by the insider showed the problem that Samsung is facing, with the fingerprint scanner causing brightness imbalance on the Galaxy Note 8 to display that leaves a discernible mark on where the sensor is located.

Samsung is having trouble finding the right balance in brightness for the Galaxy Note 8's screen when the fingerprint sensors are integrated. It is unclear, however, if the brightness of the fingerprint scanner as it appears on the screen is as pronounced as what is seen in the insider's renders.

Where Will The Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner Be Located?

There is no information on whether Samsung has been able to move past the problem. There have been reports that the company has created working prototypes that feature perfectly balanced displays with in-screen fingerprint scanners, but it is unclear if the design will be what appears on the Galaxy Note 8 or if the company will push back the launch of the feature to next year's Galaxy S9.

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 8 at IFA 2017, which will be held in Berlin starting Sept. 1. The question, however, is whether the smartphone will have its fingerprint scanner embedded under its display or at the back, similar to the Galaxy S8.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Samsung decided not to integrate the fingerprint scanner into the Galaxy Note 8's screen due to technical limitations such as security. This comes despite the company's best efforts to find a solution to its problem.

The latest schematic from SlashLeaks, meanwhile, reveals that Samsung has at least shifted the position of the fingerprint scanner at the back of the Galaxy Note 8. Instead of placing the feature beside the camera lens, the schematic shows that the fingerprint scanner will be located below the camera lens. Such a position would make it easier to reach for users and will reduce the chances that users will smudge their camera lens with their fingers.

If Samsung will indeed announce the Galaxy Note 8 at IFA 2017, it is likely already making the final touches on the smartphone. We will know for sure where the smartphone's fingerprint scanner will be located in a couple of months, as well as if the Galaxy Note 8 will help Samsung bounce back from the failure of the Galaxy Note 7.

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