Steam Summer Sale 2017 Kicks Off On June 22, PayPal Reveals

Gamers, get your wallets ready. According to PayPal, the Steam Summer Sale 2017 kicks off on June 22.

Every year, Steam runs an attractive summer sale slashing the prices of a slew of games. This year should be no different and PayPal could not contain its excitement anymore, so it revealed that the 2017 Steam Summer Sale is just around the corner.

Taking to Twitter, PayPal UK spilled the beans and announced that this year's Steam Summer Sale will start on June 22 at 6 p.m. BST, which means 1 p.m. EST and 10 a.m. PT.

A Valve representative has confirmed to PC Gamer that the Steam Summer Sale date PayPal announced is indeed correct. It's pretty short notice and may catch some off-guard, but it should nonetheless be exciting. Steam's annual summer sales typically bring notable discounts and offers on most titles in its catalog, so gamers might want to postpone purchasing any video games until the sale goes live. Why pay full retail price when you can get a bargain?

To make things sweeter, PayPal is throwing in its own deal at least for customers in the UK. More specifically, spending at least £20 ($25) on Steam during the sale will net users another £5 ($6) in savings, provided they check out with PayPal. The deal will expire on July 5, which indicates that Steam's Summer Sale could end on that date. No information is available yet as to whether a similar deal will be available for PayPal users in the United States or other markets.

Steam Summer Sale

In previous years, Steam would add new deals on a daily basis, which meant that users had to check back every day during the sale to see what else got a discount. In more recent times, however, Steam started revealing all discounts on most games from the get go, allowing users to see from the start if the game they're looking for has received a price cut. If a game appears with a discounted price tag once the sale kicks off, it's safe to assume that the price won't go any lower in the following days of the promotion.

What To Expect

Valve has yet to announce which titles will get the biggest discounts during its Steam Summer Sale, but the latest video games will most likely not get discounts as attractive as older ones. Recent titles may get a price cut of between 5 and 10 percent tops, since new hits typically attract buyers even without deep discounts.

New games aside, however, most titles in Steam's catalog should get at least a 25 percent discount, with some expected to go all the way to 90 percent off. To get ready for the Steam Summer Sale, it might be helpful to fill up your Steam Wishlist with the titles you're looking for, then check back when the sale starts to see which games received discounts and how much you would be saving. Lastly, keep an eye on bundles for cheaper games, and check the Highlighted deals on Steam's front page to see the heaviest discounts.

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