Amazon is currently offering a certified refurbished Amazon Tap for just $69.99 with free shipping, but the deal is only good for today.

The Amazon Prime Day 2017 is just around the corner and a slew of attractive deals will be available on July 11, but this early deal on the Amazon Tap is worthy of note.

Amazon Tap Deal

The Amazon Tap is the middle child of Amazon's family of smart speakers, coming between the mighty Amazon Echo and the tiny Echo Dot. The refurbished Tap normally costs $109.99, but this one-day deal knocks $40 off that price tag for those willing to purchase a certified refurbished unit. A new Amazon Tap, meanwhile, goes for $129.99.

This new $69.99 price tag is the lowest the Amazon Tap has ever had, and certified refurbished means it has Amazon's seal of approval that it's as good as new.

"A Certified Refurbished Amazon Tap is refurbished, tested, and certified to look and work like new," Amazon explains.

Amazon Tap Highlights

When the Amazon Tap first launched, one of its biggest drawbacks was that it was not really hands-free, at least not like the Echo and the smaller Echo Dot. Instead, users had to tap on the speaker to activate Alexa. Amazon addressed this matter back in February, however, when it released an update to make the Tap work just like its siblings, without requiring users to tap for Alexa.

With that inconvenience out of the way, the Amazon Tap is a powerful speaker that supports voice commands and offers various functionalities. Users can take advantage of Alexa to get the latest news or sports scores, order pizza, and a bunch of other things. There is a slew of Alexa skills available already and more are on the way, further expanding the smart speakers' functionality.

Moreover, unlike the regular Echo or the tiny Echo Dot, the Amazon Tap is portable since it doesn't require users to keep it plugged in all the time. When it's not plugged in, however, users might want to tap to activate Alexa so that the speaker doesn't have to be always listening, which drains the battery faster.

Amazon Prime Day might bring some more deals for Amazon Echo and Tap speakers, but a lower price than $69.99 is highly unlikely even for a refurbished unit. This new Amazon Tap offer is a Prime Exclusive deal, which means that it's only available for Prime members.

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