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Amazon Releases $89.99 All-New Kindle With Screen Light

Amazon's cheapest Kindle just got an upgrade. On March 20, Amazon released a new version of its basic Kindle, now with a better screen and front light.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech

Amazon Removes Books Claiming Unscientific Autism 'Cures'

Amazon is the latest online giant that's cracking down on unscientific and potentially dangerous misinformation. Two books were removed from the online platform, both promoting unproven cures for autism.

Public Health March 15, 2019

Ordering From Ticketmaster Using Voice Commands? Alexa's Got Your Back

Ticketmaster teamed up with Alexa to help fans buy tickets online. With certain voice commands, users can now search for events and book the tickets right away.

Smart Home March 8, 2019

Amazon Reportedly Opening All-New Grocery Stores That Aren’t Whole Foods: Report

Amazon's new grocery stores will be spread out across the country and take on Walmart, Publix, and many other established retail locations. It’s not clear whether they’ll be cashier-less, as are Amazon Go stores.

Business Tech March 2, 2019

Nicholas Stover, Fired Amazon Worker With Crohn's Disease, Files Suit Over Bathroom Breaks

Nicholas Stover needed to use the bathroom more often because he has Crohn's disease, but he was fired for 'time theft.' He is seeking a minimum of $3 million in damages.

Business Tech February 25, 2019

Jeff Bezos Reveals The National Enquirer Threatened To Publish His Nude Photos: Here’s What He Said

Documents reveal that AMI, the parent company of tabloid National Enquirer, has threatened to publish nude photos of Jeff Bezos. But the Amazon CEO isn’t playing its game.

Business Tech February 8, 2019

Amazon Deploys ‘Sidewalk Drones’ As Part Of New Delivery Service

Scout are sidewalk delivery drones Amazon is now using as part of a small test. Will they replace normal delivery methods in the not-so-distant future? Time will tell.

Gadgets January 24, 2019

Amazon Dash Buttons Deemed Illegal By German Court

No more push-to-order for German folks. With plenty of nudging from a consumer watchdog, a high state court has ruled that Amazon Dash buttons are breaching certain laws and must be stopped.

Business Tech January 12, 2019

Amazon Reportedly Developing Cloud-Based Video Game Streaming Service

Amazon hasn’t had much luck in the gaming department, with a few Fire TV games that no one cares about. But maybe a new cloud-based video game streaming service might just make it a formidable player once and for all.

Internet January 11, 2019

IMDb Launches Free Streaming Service Supported With Ads, And It’s Got Really Great Movies

A streaming service from IMDb, perhaps the greatest movie information resource on the internet, sounds rad. Even more rad? It’s free and has top-rated movies.

Movies/TV Shows January 11, 2019

Ring Employees Were Given Access To Customers' Videos: Report

Ring allowed its employees to access customers' video recordings, reports claim. If true, then the company's workers may have been viewing users' live feed and histories since 2016.

Smart Home January 10, 2019

Amazon Showroom Lets You Design A Virtual Living Room With Furniture Before Purchasing

Amazon has finally debuted Showroom, a virtual living room for furniture shoppers. With it, customers can see how a living room will look with certain items before hitting the purchase button.

Internet January 5, 2019

Amazon Reveals Alexa Devices Sales Figure, And It's Over 100 Million

Amazon has sold more than 100 million Alexa devices to date. While it didn't go into specifics of the sales figure, it did say that the Echo Dot exceeded expectations during the holiday season and sold out for January.

Gadgets January 4, 2019

Two-Hour Prime Now Deliveries From All Whole Foods Stores? Amazon Is Working On It

Amazon is rumored to be expanding Whole Foods in big ways. Not only will it bring Prime Now to all outlets, but it’s allegedly building even more stores in a bunch of different states.

Business Tech December 31, 2018

France To Tax Tech Giants Facebook, Google, Apple, And Amazon Starting Jan. 1

France is going to implement its own tax on Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, which are collectively known in the EU region as GAFA starting Jan. 1. Other countries in the EU including the UK are also pushing to impose their own taxes to tech giants

Business Tech December 18, 2018

Rocco The Parrot Uses Amazon's Alexa To Order Snacks While Owner Is Away

Rocco, an African Grey Parrot kicked out of a sanctuary in UK, was caught ordering food and housewares through Amazon Alexa while his owner was away. Moreover, the bird reportedly interacted with the virtual assistant 40 times a day.

Animals December 17, 2018

Amazon Is Finally Tired Of Selling You ‘Crap’

Amazon doesn’t want to lose profits over selling CRaP items, which stands for products that “Can’t Realize a Profit.” As such, it’s asking brands to make some big changes.

Business Tech December 17, 2018

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock Is Here: Here’s What It Can Do

The $30 Amazon Echo Wall Clock works with Alexa but doesn’t have its own microphone. It’s great for people who already have Echo devices in their household.

Gadgets December 15, 2018

You Can Buy A Chromecast On Amazon Again, But Here’s The Bad News

Amazon has now fulfilled its promise to put back Chromecast devices on its site. The unfortunate thing, however, is that Google is still stubborn in letting the streaming sticks have Prime Video.

Google December 13, 2018

Decade-Long Study Reveals Massive Microbial Ecosystem Deep Under The Earth

Researchers found a diverse microbial ecosystem under the ground that remains largely unaffected by human activities. Samples of the microbes were collected from underwater drilling sites and boreholes 5 kilometers deep.

Earth/Environment December 11, 2018

Amazon's Alexa Can Now Call Local Businesses And Check Your Email

Amazon Alexa can now read, reply, or delete emails as per users' instructions. Moreover, the voice assistant is also capable of calling phone numbers apart from just finding the contact numbers.

Apps/Software December 11, 2018

Amazon Go Cashierless Stores Reportedly Coming To Airports

Amazon is setting sights on bigger things for its cashierless grocery concept. Depending on how plans go, travelers could soon find an Amazon Go in their airport.

Business Tech December 8, 2018

Amazon Is Testing Cashierless Grocery Shopping In Bigger Stores

Amazon Go is currently undergoing tests in bigger stores, according to new reports. The cashierless grocery service debuted earlier this year but has had minor hiccups since.

Business Tech December 3, 2018

Amazon Will Finally Sell Apple Products Directly, But Not All Of Them

Apple will soon sell its products on Amazon directly. Beginning January, only Apple and authorized resellers will be allowed to sell Apple products on the store.

Apple November 10, 2018

The World's Most Endangered Tribe Survives In The Shrinking Amazon On Armadillos, Honey, And Nuts

The October 2018 issue of the National Geographic features photos of the Awa tribe, one of the last 'uncontacted' tribes of the Amazon. Unfortunately, the tribe is threatened by bandits and illegal loggers.

Earth/Environment October 2, 2018

Amazon Alexa Will Power 8 New Devices Coming This Year

Amazon will release at least eight new Alexa-powered devices within the year, including a microwave oven, receiver, subwoofer, amplifier, and in-car device. The new hardware will place Amazon in competition with companies such as Sonos and GE.

Gadgets September 18, 2018

Twitch Prime No Ads Perk Will End Next Month

New Twitch Prime members will see advertisements while watching content on the streaming platform if they sign up on Sept. 14 or later. The decision to end advertisement-free viewing for Twitch Prime subscribers looks to provide streamers with more income.

Internet August 21, 2018

You Can No Longer Buy A Kindle Voyage

Amazon is no longer making the Kindle Voyage. Customers who want a higher-end e-reader will have to opt for the Kindle Oasis or look at other options from Kobo or Sony.

Gadgets August 20, 2018

Amazon Alexa And Microsoft Cortana Finally Working Together: Watch Out, Apple Siri And Google Assistant

It took a year, but Amazon and Microsoft have finally rolled out a preview of the partnership between their digital assistants. Users will now be able to access Alexa in Windows 10 devices and Cortana in Echo smart speakers.

Apps/Software August 16, 2018

Researchers Find Amazon Echo Hack That Lets It Spy On You: Should You Be Worried?

A team of researchers from Chinese tech company Tencent have revealed that they have figure out a way to hack the Amazon Echo. However, owners should not fear because it would not be doable for many intruders.

Smart Home August 14, 2018

Amazon Is Getting Ready To Bring Alexa To Even More Cars

Amazon has officially opened up Alexa Auto to more people. The company just released an SDK on GitHub, allowing developers to experiment integrating Alexa into car infotainment systems.

Car Tech August 10, 2018

Amazon Alexa Can Now ‘Get Back To You’ If It Doesn’t Know The Answer To Your Question

Amazon Alexa is a smart and robust digital assistant, but it doesn’t have the answer to everything. Thanks to the new Answer Update feature, it’ll take those unanswerable questions and bring them back out once it’s found enough information.

Apps/Software August 8, 2018

It Seems Practically No One Is Using Alexa To Buy Things Off Amazon

Majority of Alexa users aren’t using their smart speakers to shop online, contrary to what third-party research firms have claimed. Worse, most of the people who did buy something didn’t try it again.

Smart Home August 7, 2018

This Alexa Skill Will Help Your Amazon Echo Keep Burglars Away

A new Alexa skill named Away Mode will help Amazon Echo smart speakers keep burglars away using awkward conversations. One example of the hilarious scenarios is 'Emergency PTA Meeting To Discuss Memes, Fidget Spinners, and Other Teen Fads.'

Gadgets August 5, 2018

Free Amazon Echo Spot? Apparently Too Good To Be True

For a brief time, the white version of the Amazon Echo Spot was listed at $0. Unfortunately for customers who were able to order the free smart speaker, the offer was too good to be true.

Gadgets July 31, 2018

Amazon Studios Won’t Let People Vote For TV Show Pilots Anymore, But Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

Amazon Studios will no longer use Prime Video subscriber votes as a determining factor to picking up shows. Is that such a bad thing, though?

Internet July 30, 2018

How Amazon Ensures Only The Closest Alexa Device Responds To Your Voice Commands

Amazon’s clever Echo Spatial Perception technology has now moved to the cloud. That means all Alexa-enabled devices, whether they’re from Amazon or not, will be able to tell which is closest to the person making commands.

Apps/Software July 26, 2018

Amazon And Snap Inc. Reportedly Developing Visual Search For Snapchat

Snap Inc. and Amazon could be working on a new Snapchat feature that’ll allow users to scan objects using the camera. Amazon will provide product listings of the identified object, which users can send to friends.

Apps/Software July 10, 2018

Free Google Home Smart Speaker For Everyone? That's How Google Will Beat Amazon, Analyst Says

Google has fallen behind Amazon in the emerging smart speaker space. To catch up, Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak suggested that Google should give all U.S. households a free Google Home Mini, which is being sold for $49 each.

Google June 29, 2018

Amazon Alexa App For iOS Finally Gets Voice Control: Some Things You Can Do

Amazon updated the Alexa app for iOS devices to enable a key feature that was missing on the platform. Users can now take advantage of the voice control functionality.

Apps/Software June 28, 2018

A 30-Year-Old San Francisco Man Claims His Amazon Alexa Says, 'All I See Is People Dying'

A man in San Francisco reported that his Alexa said a creepy comment on his Amazon Echo. This is one of many incidents in 2018 when users have heard odd things from Alexa.

Smart Home June 23, 2018

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Leak Tips Big Sales On July 16: More Deals Than Black Friday?

Amazon's annual shopping bonanza is rapidly approaching, and it could start less than a month from now. A new leak tips the date of Amazon Prime Day 2018 for July 16, with a 36-hour sale.

Internet June 23, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Cube Features You'll Like And Not: Should You Spend $120 For This Entertainment Control Center?

Amazon announced the Fire TV Cube earlier this month. The device, which is essentially a Fire TV with a smart speaker and Alexa-integration, is now available for purchase for $119.99. Here's what you'll like/dislike about Amazon's latest offering:

Smart Home June 23, 2018

Amazon Teams Up With Marriott To Bring Alexa To Hotels

Amazon is bringing Alexa exclusively to Marriott International hotels as part of the company’s Alexa for Hospitality program. Guests will have the opportunity to use Amazon’s digital assistant to enhance their visit.

Internet June 19, 2018

Live Video Tech Support For Amazon Fire Tablets Shuts Down

Say goodbye to Mayday. Amazon’s live video tech support is shutting down nearly five years after being launched because Amazon says the devices that support it aren’t for sale anymore.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 18, 2018

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