Benjamin Geskin tweeted that the 2017 OLED iPhone, known to many as the iPhone 8, will come in four colors, one of which is what the reliable leaker refers to as a mirror-like option.

The information follows a report from last week by famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claimed that the iPhone 8 will offer fewer color options compared to previous iPhone models.

Mirror-Like Option For iPhone 8

In Geskin's tweet revealing the mirror-like option for the iPhone 8, he attached an image to illustrate what exactly users can expect for the new color choice.

Several Twitter users called Geskin out as the iPhone that was shown in the picture looked like it only had a case that carried the mirror-like properties. Another user clarified that Geskin only used the case to provide an example of what the mirror-like option would look like, with the leaker responding by stating that he thought that was obvious.

Not much else is known about the mirror-like option, aside from its alleged existence as told to Geskin from one of his sources. It would appear that Apple will be bringing back the mirror-like glass design from the earlier iPod models, though how the iPhone 8 will actually look like will not be known until it is officially unveiled in September.

Possible iPhone 8 Color Options

If Geskin claims that the iPhone 8 will have four colors, and the mirror-like option is one of them, that leaves three other possible choices. Previous alleged images of the iPhone 8 were shown to be either black or white, which are both safe bets as color options. This leaves us with one more possible color.

The iPhone 7 currently offers matte black, jet black, silver, gold, rose gold, and red options. Among them, silver is the safest color, but the rose gold iPhone has previously proven to be a popular choice among customers.

However, there is also the possibility that Geskin or his source confused the mirror-like option with the jet black color, which features a reflective surface.

iPhone 8 Rumors

The rumor mill is bursting with claims regarding the iPhone 8, which is believed to have a 5.2-inch OLED full-screen display as part of a radical redesign to the smartphone's current construction.

Leaked screen protectors last month provided a good glimpse of the final design for the iPhone 8, with almost no bezels in front. A report from last week, meanwhile, claimed that the smartphone will replace the Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology with a 3D face scanning system.

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