Huge Xbox One Update Rolls Out: Custom Gamerpics, Console Co-Streaming, Profiles Linked To Controllers, And More

Microsoft has rolled out a huge update for the Xbox One that adds several new features to the console.

According to Director of Xbox Programming Larry Hryb, more popularly known as Major Nelson, the Xbox One update addresses feedback that the Xbox team has received from the community.

Xbox One Update: What Does It Offer?

The first thing that the Xbox One update offers to players is the chance to upload their own profile pictures. Known as gamerpics, the added customization will allow players to better express themselves. Players can upload the images directly from their console, smartphone, or Windows 10 PC. Players will also be allowed to customize their Club's profile picture and background. Of course, the custom images will need to follow the Xbox Live Code of Conduct.

The update also adds the ability for players to co-stream on the Xbox One. Up to three users can simultaneously stream in a single broadcast, using the Xbox One's Mixer service. Players can invite their friends to join their stream by selecting the option from their friends' profiles. In addition, it has been made easier to search for live broadcasts from Club members through the new Mixer tab in the Club home page.

The Xbox One update also gives players the option to link an Xbox One profile to a specific controller, which will be helpful for family members who share an Xbox One but each own different controllers. The new feature allows players to sign in with their Xbox One profile by pressing the Xbox button on their controller or when the controller is turned on. It can be set up by going into the console's Settings, entering the Sign-in, security & passkey menu, and the choosing the "This controller signs in" and "Link controller" options.

Other additions made by the Xbox One update include the ability for players to create their own tournament in Killer Instinct, as well as to share Looking-for-Group requests through the iOS and Android app of Xbox. The Android app also receives chat bubbles, so players can continue talking with their Xbox Live friends using their mobile phone.

More To Come For The Xbox One

The massive update for the Xbox One is only a precursor for more things to come from Microsoft, including the release of the highly anticipated Xbox One X.

Early benchmarks of the Xbox One X showed the powerful performance of the console, which will look to challenge Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.

There are several reasons for upgrading, as well as not upgrading, to the Xbox One X from the Xbox One or Xbox One S, but gamers have time to think about it. The Xbox One X will not launch until early November, with a price tag of $499.

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